The Port of Stavanger has chosen BlueCo® Shore Power System

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Blueday Technology, a prominent provider of marine industry shore power and charging systems, is excited to announce its selection by the Port of Stavanger for a comprehensive turnkey contract. This collaboration encompasses the installation of our BluEco® Shore Power system at their terminal in Risavika, Norway. Blueday Technology’s innovative shore power and charging systems play a pivotal role in aiding ports and shipping lines in curbing their environmental footprint and attaining climate-related objectives.

The Port of Stavanger holds a pivotal position in social development, taking on the responsibility of assisting owner municipalities in achieving their environmental and climate ambitions. In line with its ongoing strategy, the port is dedicated to building a sustainable profile by emphasizing environmental considerations both internally and externally—within infrastructure and quays. This encompasses providing globally recognized green port services and integrating environmental mindfulness into procurement and investments.

Jon Asle Andersen, Operation Manager at Blueday Technology, expressed his delight, stating, “We are very pleased to be chosen by the Port of Stavanger for this shore power project. Port of Stavanger were amongst the early adaptors in Norway—leading the way in marine harbour sector electrification, decarbonization, and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.”

With approximately 50,000 port calls annually, over 5,500 meters of quay, 680,000 m2 of land area, and nearly 500,000 cruise passengers, the Port of Stavanger’s operations involve water, fuel, energy consumption, waste generation, and emissions to air and sea. Notably, shipping along the coast is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, local air and noise pollution. Around seven percent of ship-related greenhouse gas emissions occur during mooring periods. The ports play a vital role as logistics hubs, and adopting energy-efficient, eco-friendly solutions remains crucial for the holistic environmental assessment of maritime transport.

Upon installation at the Risavika terminal, the BluEco® Shore Power system will contribute clean energy to additional vessels, actively reducing environmental impact and advancing climate goals.

“This contract further validates the company strategy we launched to fully focus on cleantech solutions as previous niche markets are becoming mass markets and emphasises how Blueday Technology is a valuable partner in the decarbonisation of the global maritime sector,” commented Andersen.

The shore-to-ship power solutions enable moored vessels in the port to utilize electricity from the local grid for onboard operations like ventilation and cooling. This technology permits ships to power down their diesel engines while docked, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and vibrations—thus enhancing the environmental quality for those within and around the port.

Blueday Technology assumes responsibility for the entire project lifecycle, encompassing design, engineering, supply, installation, and commissioning. This project, executed by the Stavanger operating center, is set to conclude during the second half of 2024.

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