Island Oil and Island Petroleum Attain ISCC EU Certification

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Island oil limited attain ISCC EU Certification

Island Oil Holdings is proud to announce that two of its companies within the group have successfully obtained the prestigious International Sustainability and Carbon Certification ISCC EU as recognized Traders of biofuels.

Island Oil Limited, the group’s marine fuels trading arm, has achieved certification as a Trader of biofuels. Simultaneously, Island Petroleum Limited, specializing in the physical supply of marine fuels, has earned the same certification as a Trader with Storage of biofuels.

The attainment of ISCC EU certification signifies rigorous adherence to international sustainability and environmental standards. This certification not only validates the identity and traceability of raw materials but also facilitates accurate carbon intensity calculations throughout the supply chain.

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, Island Oil Holdings acknowledges the crucial role of biofuels in mitigating the carbon footprint of the shipping industry. The ISCC certification of these two key subsidiaries underscores the group’s unwavering dedication to providing sustainable solutions for its global clientele.

About Island Oil

Founded in 1992, Island Oil quickly gained industry recognition and earned the trust of blue-chip clients in both local and international shipping markets. This success solidified its reputation as a reliable partner-supplier in the industry.

Headquartered in Limassol, Island Oil Ltd serves as the flagship of Island Oil (Holdings), a conglomerate primarily engaged in the marine and domestic fuels sector. The group operates physical supply stations in strategic locations such as Cyprus, Romania, and Israel. With ownership and self-management of 10 bunker vessels, the company also maintains additional offices in Piraeus, Singapore, London, Constanta, Haifa, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Today, Island Oil Ltd stands as an established and reputable player in the global bunker market. This achievement is attributed to a client-oriented approach, robust financial management, controlled growth strategies, and a team of highly skilled and trained professionals dedicated to excellence in the industry.

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