World Fuel Services Deploys Larger Bunker Tanker in Jamaica

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World Fuel Services Jamaica Bunkering

World Fuel Services (WFS) is thrilled to announce its latest endeavor in the bustling Jamaican bunker market. Following its successful entry in 2023, World Fuel Services is now poised to solidify its position in Kingston’s bunker fuel market with a significant expansion. By deploying the JC Trader, a robust bunker tanker from 2010 that will effectively double the current service capacity.

This strategic move aims to not only bolster World Fuel’s foothold in the region but also to cater better to the growing needs of bunker buyers seeking top-notch service and timely deliveries throughout Jamaica. Partnering closely in this endeavor is Scott Petroleum Limited, ensuring seamless on-the-ground logistics and operational support, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the local market dynamics.

Moreover, customers can expect a diverse range of fuel grades, including VLSFO 0.5%, LSMGO 0.1%, and HSFO 3.5%, with additional options for servicing both inner and outer anchorage areas in Kingston.

Reflecting on this achievement, World Fuel Services Corporation, headquartered in Miami, Florida, emphasizes its commitment to delivering innovative energy management solutions globally. With a network spanning over 8,000 locations across 200 countries and territories, World Fuel is dedicated to creating value for its business partners in the aviation, marine, and land transportation sectors.

World Fuel Services boasts a robust marine fuel capability, designed to meet the diverse needs of the global maritime industry. With extensive network spans across more than 1,400 seaports worldwide, ensuring convenient access to fueling solutions wherever our customers operate. Serving a clientele exceeding 2,500 marine customers, we annually supply an impressive 18+ million metric tonnes of marine fuel. Committed to excellence, we provide 24/7 operational support, ensuring seamless operations and uninterrupted services to our valued partners in the maritime sector.

The expansion also underscores World Fuel’s dedication to going “Beyond Fuel,” recognizing the complexities involved in marine fuel procurement and the critical role it plays in maintaining smooth fleet operations. With an eye on compliance, risk management, and customer support, World Fuel stands as a reliable partner, offering not just fuel but a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry.

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