Raízen Launches New Bunkering Operations in Belém and Vila do Conde

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Raízen New Bunkering Operations

In a significant development for Brazil’s maritime industry, Raízen, a prominent integrated energy company in the country, has announced the launch of a new bunkering operation in the key ports of Belém and Vila do Conde, located in North Brazil. This expansion represents a major milestone for Raízen, as it extends its presence into vital hubs within the Amazon region, that serve as pivotal hubs for maritime activities, facilitating trade and commerce both within Brazil and beyond.

Paula Georgopoulos Tinoco, Bunker Sales Coordinator at Raízen, shared about the development, stating, “This marks the full operation of our local physical bunker supply services, featuring the availability of VLSFO 380CST grade fuel. To ensure seamless operations, we have deployed two double-hulled bunker barges ready to serve a diverse array of oceangoing vessels.”

“The significance of this expansion cannot be overstated, as it will provide vital support to both coastal and foreign ships navigating the waters of Brazil. Belém and Vila do Conde ports now stand as key additions to Raízen’s portfolio, joining the ranks of the company’s five bunkering ports where physical bunker supplies are made.”

Raízen’s dedicated bunker staff in Brazil is committed to delivering top-notch services from North to South, encompassing crucial delivery points such as Belém, Vila do Conde, Itaqui, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and Rio Grande. Their firm dedication ensures the provision of timely and reliable bunker services along the entire Brazilian coastline.

About Raízen

Raízen stands as an integrated energy company, dedicated to leading the energy transition and shaping the future of energy as a true green champion. With operations spanning Brazil and Argentina, they are among the largest private business groups in Brazil, boasting a team of around 29,000 employees and 15,000 business partners.

Originating in Brazil, Raízen’s ambition knows no bounds as they strive to make an impact globally. Their unique operating model covers everything from the production and sale of renewable energy and sugar from sugarcane to the distribution of fuels and energy through Shell gas stations. Raízen’s participation in the Proximity segment ensures they remain closely connected to customers, simplifying their lives through digitalization.

With energy at the core of their business, Raízen’s name, derived from “Raiz” (roots) and “Energia” (energy) in Portuguese, reflects their commitment to propelling both people and the country forward with sustainable energy solutions.

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