Wärtsilä Unveils Revolutionary Ammonia Fuel Supply System

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Wartsila unveils Ammonia Fuel Supply system

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, a division of the technology conglomerate Wärtsilä, has unveiled a groundbreaking Ammonia Fuel Supply System (AFSS) designed for ships capable of utilizing ammonia as a fuel source. This innovative system is adaptable to both liquid and gaseous forms of ammonia.

Recognizing the maritime industry’s shift towards decarbonization, ammonia emerges as a promising contender due to its potential for substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, virtually eliminating sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions, and offering significant decreases in nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions.

Stein Thoresen, Head of Sales Marine at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, emphasized the company’s extensive experience spanning over 50 years in handling ammonia aboard ships. This wealth of knowledge, coupled with their expertise in developing efficient cargo handling systems, has culminated in the creation of the AFSS. Thoresen highlighted the system’s robustness and reliability, even under challenging maritime conditions.

The AFSS is versatile, catering to both new vessel constructions and retrofitting for existing ships. It can function as an integrated cargo handling and fuel supply system on vessels transporting liquefied gas, particularly those equipped to transport ammonia as cargo, such as Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) and Medium Gas Carriers (MGCs). Additionally, it can serve as a standalone fuel supply system on vessels compliant with the International Code of Safety for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels (IGF Code).

This system employs pumps and heat exchangers to deliver a steady and dependable fuel flow to the engine, ensuring the correct pressure and temperature. Equipped with proven components, including a purge gas treatment system, the AFSS prioritizes fuel cleanliness, integrating proper filtering upstream within the system.

The inaugural installations of the Wärtsilä Ammonia Fuel Supply Systems will be on two new gas carriers constructed at Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) in Korea for Exmar LPG. These Medium Gas Carrier vessels represent a historic milestone as the first oceangoing ships propelled by dual-fuel engines capable of utilizing ammonia.

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions in brief

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, part of Wärtsilä Portfolio Business, is a market leader with innovative systems and lifecycle solutions for the gas value chain. Our main focus areas are the handling of gas in maritime transport (storage, fuel, transfer and BOG management), gas to power, liquefaction and biogas solutions. We help our customers on their journey towards a sustainable future through a focus on lifecycle performance, innovation and digitalisation.

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