VELA unveils Trimaran Cargo Ship using 100% Wind Energy

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Vela trimaran 100 percent wind energy cargo ship

VELA, a pioneering French transport startup, has revealed its groundbreaking trimaran cargo ship design, revolutionizing the transportation of goods across the Atlantic solely through wind power.

In an impressive feat, VELA’s innovative design slashes greenhouse gas emissions by an astounding 99% when compared to conventional container ships. Furthermore, this exceptional vessel is constructed using recycled aluminum and materials sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 450 U.S. pallets, equivalent to 51 TEU containers, this trimaran cargo ship ensures rapid, dependable, and secure transportation. It boasts a remarkable warehouse-to-warehouse timeframe of merely 10-15 days.

This visionary design has been in development since September 2022, deviating from the traditional single-hulled models and incorporating technologies employed in ocean racing. By utilizing an efficient routing system, this vessel selects the optimal path based on weather conditions and offers an estimated time of arrival up to four days in advance.

The dedicated team at VELA aims to launch this remarkable ship in 2025, with its maiden voyage scheduled for mid-2025. By 2028, VELA envisions having departures from France to the USA, and vice versa, every nine days, demonstrating their commitment to efficient and frequent transport operations.

Michael Fernandez-Ferri, Co-founder of VELA, enthusiastically stated, “Choosing the France-USA seaway was an obvious choice. The United States serves as the second-largest export market for French luxury products. Moreover, the North Atlantic region offers an abundant and predictable wind supply.”

Should everything proceed as planned, VELA aspires to have a fleet of 30 ships operational by 2035, further solidifying their position as an industry leader in sustainable maritime transportation.

At VELA, we offer a real alternative to conventional freight for transporting goods with no pollution while complying with the highest safety standards. The international flow of goods is necessary for the economies of today but we believe we should reduce and improve them, by making the sea the most eco-friendly stage for transporting goods on planet Earth.

To make it possible, we are creating the most efficient and environmentally responsible, 100% wind-powered, sea freight solution. We should stop using oil wherever it is possible. Sailing makes that possible and it is the most eco-friendly method of long-distance transportation.

Let’s work together for more sustainable freight transport!

Source VELA