Port of Kiel Feat: Simultaneous Shore Power Supply to Two Cruise Ships

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Port of Kiel Shore Power

The Port of Kiel achieved a milestone by supplying shore power to two cruise ships, the MSC Euribia and the AIDAnova, simultaneously for the first time. After completing the integration process over the weekend, the MSC Euribia utilized shore power for several hours before departing again. This move signals a significant step toward making future visits to the Ostuferhafen nearly emission-free.

Another regular seasonal guest at the Ostuferhafen, the Costa Diadema, also progressed through much of the integration process over the weekend and is on the brink of receiving its first shore power supply. Additionally, on Thursday, June 23rd, the Mein Schiff 1 from TUI Cruises received approval to use the shore power system after successfully passing its tests. This development keeps the Port of Kiel on track to meet its shore-side power target for 2024.

“Our target for this cruise season is one hundred shore power calls, and the recent days have demonstrated that this was a realistic estimate. The ships that have already been integrated account for a large proportion of this year’s calls. However, we mustn’t overlook the complexity involved. We are working tirelessly and with significant manpower to ensure the ships are properly connected,” says Dr. Dirk Claus, Managing Director of Seehafen Kiel GmbH & Co. KG.

Over the weekend, the shore power systems supplied over 150 MWh of electricity to the three cruise ships. Favorable conditions for generating green electricity during berthing times have made using electricity from the plug economically attractive for the shipping companies.

With the supply of MSC Euribia, AIDAnova, and Mein Schiff 1, the port anticipates achieving a one hundred percent shore power weekend for the upcoming cruise weekend. This dual supply capability is facilitated by the shore power system at the Ostuferhafen, which was completed in autumn 2023.

Together with the system at the Ostseekai, operational since 2021 and also supplying the Stena Line ferry at the Schwedenkai as a dual system, the Port of Kiel can now supply two cruise ships with shore power simultaneously. To prevent future bottlenecks when two integrated cruise ships make a double call, an expansion of the facility at the Ostseekai is currently being planned. This expansion will enable the parallel supply of three cruise ships in the Port of Kiel by mid-2025.

For several years, the Port of Kiel has been investing in expanding its shore power infrastructure, which is considered a crucial component of environmentally friendly maritime tourism. With supply connections at all major ferry and cruise terminals, the Port of Kiel stands as one of the international pioneers in the field of shore power. According to the CLIA, only 20 cruise ports worldwide currently have shore power supply facilities.

About Port of Kiel

The Port of Kiel, nestled in northern Germany, stands as a beacon of maritime innovation and sustainability. With its strategic location on the Baltic Sea, it serves as a vital gateway for both ferry and cruise traffic, connecting Germany to Scandinavia and beyond. Renowned for its commitment to environmental stewardship, the port has been a pioneer in implementing shore power infrastructure, significantly reducing emissions from visiting vessels. Beyond its environmental initiatives, the Port of Kiel boasts state-of-the-art facilities, efficient logistics operations, and a deep-rooted commitment to customer satisfaction. Its continuous efforts to blend modernity with sustainability make it a shining example of a port navigating towards a greener and more prosperous future.

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