TECO 2030 Set to Retrofit Samskip LNG Vessel with Fuel Cell Tech

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TECO 2030 onboard hydrogen fuel system

TECO 2030, in collaboration with BLOM Maritime and Samskip, has secured a grant for a pre-project aimed at retrofitting Samskip’s vessel, Kvitnos, with TECO 2030 fuel cells and hydrogen fuel. This pioneering initiative targets a substantial reduction in emissions from the LNG-fueled vessel, currently engaged in a weekly multipurpose service from Rotterdam to Hammerfest, Norway.

The project’s primary objective is to lay the groundwork for an investment decision regarding the retrofitting of the Kvitnos. Additionally, it seeks to streamline long-term hydrogen fuel supply contracts, given the vessel’s fixed route.

Blom Maritime will lend its expertise in naval architecture, piping engineering, and structural engineering to develop the requisite documentation for preliminary approval of the fuel cell and hydrogen solution. The company’s specialization in engineering retrofitting solutions is deemed invaluable for this undertaking.

Samskip, a leading multimodal logistics company operating globally, underscores its commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as this project. The company is already involved in the construction of a hydrogen-powered container vessel as part of the SeaShuttle project. This collaboration with TECO 2030 and BLOM Maritime represents a significant step toward achieving Samskip’s goal of becoming Net-Zero by 2040.

Are Grathen, Samskip’s Regional Director for Norway and Sweden, said “With the delivery of our LNG propelled multipurpose vessels back in 2015, Samskip already offered one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cargo ships, which eliminated SOx emissions while drastically reducing NOx and CO2 emissions. With this grant from Enova, and in close cooperation with fuel cell provider TECO 2030.”

“We will continue our endeavor to enable full zero emission propulsion which in turn will further pave the way for our H2-propelled new-builds coming out next year and bring us closer to our net-zero targets for 2040.”  

Erik Hofmeester, Samskip’s Head of Fleet Management, said “Samskip embraces every opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions either through using biofuels, CO2 capture-systems, shore-power, innovative newbuilding vessels, and now also into retro-fits solutions. Using the power take in device (PTI) driving the propellor with green energy, allowing our existing vessels to sail and maneuver emission-free in the Norwegian Fjords and other coastal areas.”

Tore Enger, Group CEO of TECO 2030, said “This grant shows our capability to help our clients secure public funding for smaller pre-studies, this means they can focus on progress towards their ultimate goals of zero emission shipping. Our fuel cell technology is a great match for retrofitting the existing fleet to operate with environment friendly propulsion along the coast,”

The collaboration between TECO 2030, BLOM Maritime, and Samskip represents a significant stride towards realizing sustainable shipping practices, heralding a future of reduced emissions and cleaner maritime operations.

Source TECO 2030