TFG Marine’s Bunker Vessel Feat: First LNG Refueling in Singapore

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TFG Marine Bunker Vessel LNG Refueling

TFG Marine, a frontrunner in global marine fuel supply, has marked a historic achievement with the successful inaugural liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling of their bunker vessel, the MT Diligence, at Jurong Port, Singapore. This momentous occasion signifies a leap forward in sustainable bunkering operations and underscores the company’s firm commitment to Energy Transition in the bunkering industry.

The deployment of a vessel capable of being powered by LNG, in addition to conventional low sulfur marine fuels, not only demonstrates TFG Marine’s commitment to innovation but also facilitates compliance with the licensing requirements set forth by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

The 34m3 of LNG required to fuel the MT Diligence was efficiently supplied by the Marine division of Pavilion Energy, a prominent Singapore based LNG supplier.

Built and operated for TFG Marine by CBS Ventures Pte Ltd, the MT Diligence, boasting a deadweight tonnage of 5,000, was meticulously designed to adhere to TFG Marine’s technical specifications, prioritizing stringent safety standards. The vessel, which has recently joined TFG Marine’s supply fleet in Singapore, reinforces the company’s position in the bustling bunkering hub of the region.

TFG Marine Bunker Vessel Refueling LNG
About TFG Marine

TFG Marine, established in 2020, has swiftly emerged as a key player in the international marine fuel supply and procurement landscape. Formed as a joint venture between Trafigura Group Pte, Frontline Ltd, and Golden Ocean Group Ltd, the company offers streamlined and transparent services across all stages of the bunkering process.

Operating across 35 strategic bunkering hub locations worldwide, TFG Marine annually supplies over 10 million metric tonnes of marine fuels, cementing its status as a major player in the industry.

Furthermore, TFG Marine advocates for the widespread adoption of calibrated Mass Flow Meters (MFMs) as part of its commitment to promoting transparency and digitalization within the bunkering sector. In line with broader efforts towards decarbonization in the shipping industry, the company has co-sponsored a recent whitepaper emphasizing the success of Singapore’s Mass Flow Meter-based bunker licensing system. This initiative aims to serve as a model for regulators globally, promoting transparency, digitalization, and sustainability within the bunkering industry.

TFG Marine extends its heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved in the successful completion of the first LNG refueling for MT Diligence. This achievement exemplifies the company’s commitment to excellence and sets a precedent for future advancements in the green bunkering operations.

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