Stena Launches Project Aimed at Demonstrating Shipboard Carbon Capture

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Stena launches project shipboard carbon capture

Stena Bulk Launches Project to Demonstrate End-to-end Shipboard Carbon Capture at Scale

Leading tanker shipping company Stena Bulk has today announced that it is launching a two-year, three phase project aimed at demonstrating shipboard carbon capture, together with the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD) and the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI).

Project REMARCCABLE (Realising Maritime Carbon Capture to demonstrate the Ability to Lower Emissions) will see one of Stena Bulk’s Medium Range (MR) IMOIIMAXX tankers installed with a carbon capture system, developed together with other project partners, Alfa Laval, the American Bureau of Shipping, Deltamarin, and TNO.

Targeting at least a 30% absolute capture rate for carbon dioxide (CO2) during normal vessel operations and on deep-sea voyages, and by working with organisations to offload and sequester or reuse the CO2, the project is the world’s first initiative demonstrating end-to-end shipboard carbon capture at such a large scale and across the full value chain.

The project will use non-proprietary equipment and processes, so results can be shared broadly and publicly to maximise learning and encourage further development. It also aims to establish a pathway to reduce the cost of onboard CO2 capture to €150 per tonne of CO2 or lower, to allow the technology to be commercially deployed in the near future.

Stena Bulk’s participation in the consortium of the seven organisations will help guide the technical design and integration of the system onboard, as well as help evaluate the operational and commercial opportunities and challenges when capturing CO2 at sea.

Erik Hånell, President & CEO of Stena Bulk, commented: 

“We are constantly working to push sustainability and technology boundaries to drive our industry forward. By participating in this initiative and collaborating with our consortium partners, we hope to step closer to making carbon capture a reality for the global fleet. We are eager to see and share the results of this project as they unfold over the next couple of years.”

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