Port of Rotterdam Authority Renews Clean Fuel Deal with VARO Energy

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Rotterdam Port and Varo Energy Biofuel

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by extending its partnership with VARO Energy Group to supply clean fuel and energy for its vessels and emergency power facilities. CEO and ad interim COO Boudewijn Siemons sealed the deal, ensuring a continued focus on environmentally friendly practices within the port.

VARO Energy Group emerged as the top choice in the Port Authority’s rigorous tender process for the cleanest usable energy carrier. Since 2018, the port has relied on VARO’s HVO100 (100% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) for its fleet. This biofuel, derived entirely from sustainable sources, slashes CO2 emissions by up to 89% compared to conventional diesel fuel. Its compatibility with current diesel engines, without modifications, makes it a versatile and cost-effective option for emission reduction.

Aligned with its vision for a greener future, the Port of Rotterdam Authority aims to transition gradually to emission-free vessels by 2025. In this context, VARO Energy Group has been tasked with exploring various fuel alternatives, including hydrogen, methanol, biofuel, and synthetic fuels, to meet the port’s evolving air quality objectives.

By renewing its partnership with VARO Energy Group and exploring innovative fuel solutions, the Port of Rotterdam Authority continues to lead the way in sustainable port operations and environmental stewardship.

Source Port of Rotterdam