Port of Ceuta: Evolving into a Bunkering Hub with TFG Marine

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The port of Ceuta has emerged as a pivotal player in the marine fuel industry, as it becomes the focal point for a strategic collaboration among TFG Marine, Vilma Oil Med, and Petroliera Ducar. In a significant development, TFG Marine, an international entity, has selected the port of Ceuta as the launchpad for its operations in Spain.

Port of Ceuta – Prominent Bunkering Hub

On April 25, 2024 – witnessed a landmark event as the Port Authority of Ceuta hosted an institutional gathering involving key stakeholders: Vilma Oil Med, Petroliera Ducar, and TFG Marine. The occasion marked a decisive step towards positioning the port of Ceuta as a prominent bunkering hub.

TFG Marine’s decision to acquire a majority stake in Vilma Oil Med, a local marine fuel supply company, underscores its commitment to fortifying its foothold in the region. This acquisition, pending customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, signifies a strategic move aimed at bolstering marine fuel supply operations in the area.

The envisaged expansion of fuel supply operations at the port of Ceuta holds immense promise for the local economy. It is expected to invigorate port traffic, spur infrastructural development, and foster community growth, positioning Ceuta as a key player in the global bunkering landscape.

The port of Ceuta’s strategic significance cannot be overstated. Situated at the crossroads of major shipping routes in the Strait of Gibraltar, it is primed to emerge as a beacon of excellence in the bunkering sector. This initiative underscores Ceuta’s unwavering commitment to driving economic growth and enhancing its stature as a maritime powerhouse.

Crucially, this transformative endeavor enjoys firm support from key stakeholders, including the President of the City of Ceuta, H.E Juan Jesús Vivas, the Government Delegate, Ms. Cristina Pérez, and the Maritime Captain, Capt. Francisco Sierra. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in navigating the complexities associated with the implementation of this ambitious venture.

As the port of Ceuta embarks on this transformative journey, it sets a precedent for sustainable growth and innovation in the maritime sector. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, transparency, and environmental stewardship, Ceuta is poised to emerge as a global leader in bunkering operations, charting a course towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

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