Acelen and Bunker One: 100 Bunkering Operations in São Marcos Bay

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Bunker One expands outside port of Itaqui

In a groundbreaking development for Brazil’s maritime industry, Acelen, a prominent energy company, and Bunker One, a global leader in marine fuels, have successfully completed the supply of bunker fuels to over 100 large freighters and oil tankers in the anchorage area of São Marcos Bay, Maranhão, Brazil.

Stimulating Economic Growth in São Marcos Bay

This partnership, established just six months ago, has had a remarkable impact on the local economy, driving tax revenue and fostering business growth, especially at the Port of Itaqui. An intriguing aspect of this partnership is the provision of bunkering vessels that previously had no scheduled stops in São Marcos Bay but now the vessels strategically plan layovers exclusively for bunkering. During these layovers, ships also avail themselves of additional services from local port agencies, further enhancing the local economy. The streamlined process, conducted entirely in the anchorage area, optimizes logistics.

São Marcos Bay serves as a vital center for international trade, particularly for exporting raw materials such as iron and soybeans, as well as distributing petroleum products in the domestic market. The partnership between Acelen and Bunker One not only facilitates business expansion for companies operating in the area but also creates more employment opportunities, thereby further stimulating the state’s economy.

Cristiano da Costa, Vice President of Commercial, Trading, and Shipping at Acelen, highlights the continuous and substantial growth in fuel supply. “In Brazil, we are already the largest manufacturer of marine fuels. This pivotal product in our portfolio represents a significant portion of our sales volume in the country. Our bunker fuels comply with all international and national regulations, including IMO 2020, which limits the sulfur content in marine fuels to 0.5% by mass.”

Flavio Ribeiro, CEO of Bunker One in Brazil, expresses optimism regarding expanding operations in São Marcos Bay. “It is an area with all the necessary characteristics to become the bunkering hub in the region. Due to its strategic location, it continues to attract vessels from various parts of the world, some of which weren’t even planned initially but choose to refuel here due to its accessibility. The trend indicates a significant and continued growth in demand in São Marcos Bay in the coming years.”

The successful partnership between Acelen and Bunker One exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation and economic growth, setting a new standard for bunkering operations in São Marcos Bay and beyond. As the maritime industry continues to evolve, this partnership stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping its future trajectory.

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