Navig8 Welcomes 2nd Eco-Friendly MR Vessel in New Build Series

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Navig8 Exceed MR Vessel

Navig8 welcomed the arrival of its latest addition, the Navig8 Exceed, marking a significant step in its commitment to eco-friendly shipping. This sleek vessel, the second of six newbuild MR Vessels in line for delivery by 2025 from New Times Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., is armed with cutting-edge emission-reducing technology.

The Navig8 Exceed spans 183.24 meters in length, with a beam of 32.2 meters and a depth of 19.1 meters. Designed with a draught of 11 meters and a structural draught of 13.3 meters, it boasts a deadweight of 50,000 tons and holds KR classification. This MR vessel, the second of six 50,000 dwt Class II chemical tankers.

Designed to enhance operational efficiency and slash emissions, the Navig8 Exceed boasts a suite of innovative features. Among them is an air lubrication system (ALS) from Marine Technology Solutions, aimed at reducing fuel consumption while cruising the high seas. Additionally, an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS), or scrubber, works tirelessly to rid emissions of sulfur, contributing to cleaner air quality.

But Navig8’s dedication to sustainability doesn’t end there. Leveraging the Shipwatch platform, the company actively monitors its fleet’s performance, striving to minimize CO2 emissions through optimized operations. Each vessel is equipped with a CII monitoring system directly linked to the Shipwatch platform, ensuring continuous efficiency improvements.

Joining the esteemed Navig8 Gamma8 Pool, the Navig8 Exceed will be under the technical management of Suntech Maritime, further bolstering its operational prowess.

About Navig8

Established in 2007, Navig8 stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the maritime industry. With operations spanning 15 hubs across four continents, the company manages a diverse fleet of over 30 vessels, including MR vessels like the Navig8 Exceed. the company offers a comprehensive suite of shipping management services. As both owner and operator, Navig8 boasts a diverse fleet catering to various sectors, including clean and dirty tanker and chemical transportation.

In addition to its commitment to environmental stewardship, Navig8 prides itself on its ability to meet the diverse needs of its customers with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. With a network of relationships with major oil companies and commodities traders, Navig8 continues to lead the way in global shipping, delivering top-notch service and performance.

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