Armada and CoolCo Team Up to Implement Hull Air Lubrication System

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Armada Technologies, a pioneer in maritime sustainability solutions, announces its collaboration with Cool Company Ltd (CoolCo), a leading LNG carrier company, to drive towards a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

This collaboration will see Armada designing, engineering, procuring, and supporting the installation and commissioning of its innovative air lubrication system on a CoolCo vessel set for dry dock in 2024. Once installed, CoolCo will conduct sea trials and provide comprehensive documentation to Armada, following ISO or ITTC guidance, to evaluate the system’s performance.

Armada CEO Alex Routledge expresses excitement about the pilot program, stating, ‘We are delighted to introduce our advanced passive air lubrication system (PALS) to the maritime industry through this collaboration with CoolCo. Our PALS, which utilizes tailored bubble production design for each ship’s characteristics, including speed, draft and weather conditions, eliminates the need for continuously running compressors. Conducting sea tests with CoolCo will enable us to optimize the system even further using our machine learning algorithms’.

Richard Tyrrell, CEO of CoolCo, shares his satisfaction with the collaboration, noting, “We are pleased to work with Armada Technologies. We selected Armada for its system’s performance potential and minimal impact on the crew due to the absence of rotating equipment.”

CoolCo is dedicated to reducing its fleetwide carbon intensity and surpassing the International Maritime Organization (IMO) targets for 2030. Their goal is to achieve a 35% reduction in fleetwide carbon intensity compared to 2019, significantly exceeding the IMO’s target. Through the partnership with Armada Technologies, CoolCo is taking significant steps towards achieving its sustainability objectives.

Andrew Marshall, CEO of Ecochlor, remarks, “The affiliation between Ecochlor and Armada Technologies continues to support the development of a game-changing solution for hull air lubrication in the marine industry.”

He adds, “As an execution partner to this project, we are committed to leveraging our expertise in concept design and engineering, as well as developing a robust and reliable software solution to ensure PALS delivers consistent and ongoing fuel savings regardless of vessel type and operating condition.”

About CoolCo

CoolCo is a growth-oriented owner, operator, and manager of fuel-efficient liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) carriers. Utilizing its integrated, in-house vessel management platform, CoolCo provides charterers and third-party LNG vessel owners with modern and flexible management and transportation solutions. CoolCo intends to leverage its industry relationships to make further accretive acquisitions of in-service LNGCs and to selectively pursue newbuild opportunities.

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