MPA adds ADP Clear to Whitelisted Digital Bunkering Solutions

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ADP Clear added in MPA whitelist ebdn

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) continues to advance its Digital Bunkering initiative by expanding its list of whitelisted Digital Bunkering solutions. The latest addition to the list is ADP Clear Pte. Ltd., effective January 1, 2024.

As part of the implementation plan, bunker suppliers can start issuing e-BDNs and bunkering documentation through whitelisted Digital Bunkering solutions from November 1, 2023. MPA plans to mandate the use of electronic processes and documentation for all bunkering operations in Singapore after an initial period, with further enhancements being explored, such as the use of smart data loggers and the transmission of Mass Flow Meter (MFM) profiles.

The inclusion of ADP Clear Pte. Ltd. on the list of whitelisted Digital Bunkering solutions demonstrates MPA’s commitment to ensuring conformance to bunkering standards, cybersecurity, baseline functionality, risk management, and regulatory reporting requirements.

Companies involved in bunkering operations can explore the whitelisted Digital Bunkering solutions and obtain more information from solution providers. The preliminary list of solution providers, including ADP Clear Pte. Ltd., along with their contact details and solution names, is available on the MPA website.

About ADP Clear

The journey of ADP Clear Pte. Ltd. began with Minerva Bunkering‘s announcement on July 29, 2021, of its collaboration with to bring together Minerva’s Advanced Delivery Platform (ADP) and’s proprietary DIANA Ecosystem Operating Platform (EOP). The partnership aimed to enable end-to-end bunkering solutions within a digital ecosystem.

The ADP is a groundbreaking solution that integrates hardware and software, developed by Minerva in collaboration with technology partner Curl Tech. Customers utilizing the ADP gain real-time visibility into all aspects of their bunkering operations, including fuel quality, operational timelines, and quantity received according to mass flow meter profiles. This information is accessible from anywhere via the customer portal.

About MPA Digital Bunkering Initiative

The Digital Bunkering initiative, launched in response to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) confirmation in July 2023 that bunker deliver notes (BDNs) are acceptable in digital form, aims to streamline and enhance bunkering processes. The initiative involves the digitalization of bunkering documentation, including electronic bunker delivery notes (eBDNs), bunker requisition forms, and checklists.

Key objectives of the Digital Bunkering initiative include improving efficiency and productivity, increasing transparency in operations, and enhancing crew safety by reducing physical movements between vessels. Additionally, it automates Business-to-Government regulatory reporting, ensuring that essential bunkering-related information is transmitted to MPA after each bunkering operation.

A new specification for digital bunkering supply chain documentation is expected to be published in the first quarter of 2024 to facilitate standards and interoperability among different systems. The Singapore Standard Code of Practice for Bunker Mass Flow Metering (SS648:2019) will also undergo revision to incorporate digital bunkering workflows and processes.

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