Baseblue Celebrates First Anniversary: A Year of Growth and Gratitude

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Baseblue First anniversary

Baseblue, a global provider of trusted marine energy solutions, proudly commemorates the first anniversary of its establishment, marking a significant milestone in its journey. As Baseblue team raises their glasses in celebration, they take a moment to reflect on the memorable experiences shared over the past year. From the camaraderie of joyous laughter to the resilience shown in overcoming challenges, every moment has been cherished.

In a heartfelt message to their valued clients, Baseblue expresses gratitude for the trust placed in their services amidst the turbulent waters of the maritime industry. Understanding the trials faced by clients, Baseblue reaffirms their commitment to providing unwavering support, stability, and flexibility. Beyond bunkering operations, the company extends a helping hand with round-the-clock post-fixture support, credit facilities, and attractive terms, acknowledging the diverse needs of their clientele.

Baseblue’s journey began with a significant announcement from BMS United Bunkers, Bunkernet, and SBI (Sea Bunkering International), leading marine fuel supply companies. They entered into a definitive merger agreement, paving the way for the creation of Baseblue Company, now an industry leader in marine energy solutions. This merger of equals has resulted in a larger, financially stronger entity capable of offering complete, comprehensive, dependable, and reliable marine energy solutions to a wider range of clients.

Baseblue, with 33 years of diverse maritime expertise, guides businesses towards solid energy solutions, ensuring safety and reliability in achieving their goals. Our global network, spanning five locations across five continents, boasts 30 specialist traders dedicated to delivering integrated bunker and lubricant solutions, alternative fueling options, and risk management consulting. We provide a seamless, trusted, and responsible fuelling experience, leveraging skilled personnel and a broad market overview to help clients manage change, seize opportunities, and enhance resilience.

While celebrating this milestone, Baseblue remains steadfast in their dedication to client success, promising to continue their journey with the same fervor and commitment. Looking ahead, they eagerly anticipate many more years of growth, collaboration, and meaningful connections with their global network of partners and clients.

About Baseblue

Baseblue stands as a trusted global provider of marine energy solutions, formed through the merger of three prominent bunkering companies: Bunkernet, BMS United, and SBI. Leveraging a unified global network, Baseblue offers comprehensive bunkering and lubricant solutions, alternative fuel options, risk management consulting, and a seamless, responsible fuelling experience. Their commitment lies in delivering holistic and integrated solutions to meet the diverse needs of the maritime industry.

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