Baseblue Delivers Successful Biofuel Blend to Stad Amsterdam

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Baseblue biofuel delivery to Stad Amsterdam

Baseblue, the marine energy solutions provider, has successfully delivered renewable biodiesel to the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, a three-masted clipper recognised for its design, marking a significant step towards decarbonisation and contributing to a more sustainable industry.

The delivery made by Baseblue was specifically an HVO30 blend consisting of HVO100 and 10PPM gasoil. HVO, derived from Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, represents a renewable diesel fuel produced from vegetable oils through advanced hydrotreating processes.

The operation’s success between Baseblue and Stad Amsterdam highlights the flexibility and efficiency of both parties, affirming their joint commitment to ensuring a smooth bunkering process amidst the ongoing energy transition.

Baseblue Trader Daan C. Jager said: “We are proud to have been selected by Stad Amsterdam to complete this supply of HVO30. This delivery underscores Baseblue’s commitment to promoting renewable biodiesel adoption, fostering sustainable practices within the shipping industry, and helping the sector to achieve its emissions targets whilst aligning with its evolving needs.”

“Driven by the new IMO GHG strategy and new regulations such as IMO CII, EU ETS, and FuelEU maritime, the demand for lower carbon fuels is rising. Baseblue has been working hard to deliver the right fuel at the most convenient port and at the right time to ensure biofuel availability at numerous ports and on a global scale,” added Daan Jager.

Commenting on the announcement, Reinoud van der Heijden, Operations Manager at Catom, said: “We are doing our utmost to keep the CO2 footprint as limited as possible. Of course, it is of enormous help that we are a sailing ship with preselected routes, where possible, to maximise favourable wind directions. However, this sailing ship also has generators and a main engine. After an extensive study with the help of a student from the TU Delft, we were certain that HVO30 fuel was the right choice. Our goal is to sail with HVO100 eventually, but to achieve this; several tests must still be carried out in collaboration with our classification society.”

“Drop-in” renewable biodiesels such as HVO are a crucial component of the future fuel mix for the maritime industry. They can use the existing bunkering infrastructure, ensuring easier supply worldwide. Furthermore, all the biofuels emit nearly zero CO2 and SOx emissions, offering substantial environmental benefits.

Baseblue biofuel delivery Stad Amsterdam
Baseblue biofuel delivery Stad Amsterdam

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