Lauritzen’s First 100% Biofuel Bunkering: Powered by Deal Energy

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Lauritzen Indian Bulkers First 100 Biofuel Bunkering

Lauritzen Bulkers has achieved a significant milestone by successfully bunkering its Indian Bulker with First 100% biofuel. This pioneering move not only underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility but also provides valuable insights into the effective utilization of 100% biofuel bunkering on board vessels.

Deal Energy played a pivotal role in Lauritzen Bulkers’s decarbonization journey. By overseeing the entire bunkering process, Deal Energy effectively managed procurement, planning, and coordination in collaboration with esteemed partners. This joint effort exemplifies a commitment to sustainable practices and represents a collective stride towards a greener future for maritime operations.

The adoption of 100% biofuel bunkering by Lauritzen Bulkers signifies a commendable leap toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly maritime industry. This strategic choice contributes significantly to environmental preservation, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances operational efficiency in shipping.

This groundbreaking initiative by Lauritzen Bulkers sets a noteworthy example for the maritime community, inspiring others to explore and embrace sustainable fuel alternatives. It not only showcases environmental stewardship but also encourages collaborative efforts to drive positive change within the industry.

Lauritzen Bulkers First 100 Biofuel Bunker

About Lauritzen Bulkers A/S

Lauritzen Bulkers operates a modern fleet of bulk carriers, employing approximately 170 staff members globally. With offices in Copenhagen, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, and the USA, Lauritzen Bulkers focuses on continuous development, prioritizing customer service, safety at sea, and environmental protection.

About Deal Energy A/S

The concept and foundation of DeaL Energy originates from J. Lauritzen’s establishment of its own internal bunkers department in 1990. Since 2004, J. Lauritzen Bunkers has been handling a number of external customers and many vessels within major segments, such as Bulkers, Gas Carriers, Tankers, RoPax, Roro, Reefers, Offshore vessels etc. Through the years, J. Lauritzen Bunkers have been well respected and gained a strong reputation in the bunkers industry.

Formed by renowned shipping companies J. Lauritzen and DFDS, Deal Energy A/S leverages its expertise to optimize bunker purchasing and share knowledge and resources. Despite being a new entity, Deal Energy A/S is deeply rooted in the bunker industry, building on the foundation of J. Lauritzen Bunkers’ 30-year legacy. The company, comprising four experienced bunker specialists, is well-known and respected worldwide.

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