Bergen Bunkers Former CEO Sveinung Juvsett Retires, Leaving Legacy

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Bergen Bunker CEO Retires Legacy

In a bittersweet moment for Bergen Bunkers AS, Former CEO Sveinung Juvsett concludes his illustrious career, announcing his retirement after over 25 years of dedicated service to the bunker industry.

Sveinung’s tenure at Bergen Bunkers AS has been nothing short of exemplary, characterized by his unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and profound commitment to excellence. His impact on the company and the broader maritime industry is indelible, leaving a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

As the company announces Sveinung’s retirement, there is a palpable mix of emotions, ranging from sadness at his departure to immense gratitude for his invaluable contributions. Throughout his time with Bergen Bunkers AS, Sveinung’s vision and values have shaped the company’s culture, guiding it towards success and earning the respect of colleagues and clients alike.

“While we bid farewell to Sveinung with a heavy heart, we also celebrate his remarkable achievements and wish him well in this new chapter of his life,” Bergen Bunkers AS Statement. “His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in our growth and success, and his presence will be deeply missed.”

“Yesterday was a bittersweet day as we bid farewell to our former CEO and mentor, Sveinung Juvsett. His last day in the office marked the end of an era filled with guidance, wisdom, and leadership that has shaped us all at Bergen Bunkers AS. As we honor his legacy, we pledge to continue supporting our clients and suppliers just as he taught us. Sveinung, thank you for everything. Your essence will continue to inspire us every step of the way.” Said Christer Benjaminsen, Trading Manager at Bergen Bunkers AS.

Despite Sveinung’s departure, Bergen Bunkers AS reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional service to its clients worldwide. The company remains resolute in upholding the values and vision instilled by Sveinung, ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire future endeavors.

As Bergen Bunkers AS navigates this transition, it remains guided by its core principles of integrity, professionalism, and customer-centricity. The company’s dedicated team, coupled with its extensive network of suppliers, ensures that clients receive prompt and reliable service, backed by a commitment to cost-effective solutions and value addition.

Sveinung Juvsett’s retirement marks the end of an era at Bergen Bunkers AS, but his influence and legacy will endure, serving as a beacon for excellence in the maritime industry.

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Bergen Bunkers AS is an independent, international trading and brokering company specializing in marine fuels and lubricants for the global maritime industry. With a vast network of contacts, the company supplies bunkers and lubricants in ports worldwide, prioritizing swift response and total integrity in supplier selection. Bergen Bunkers AS prides itself on its highly competent, honest, and efficient staff, along with its strong relationships with suppliers, making it a trusted partner for clients seeking optimal solutions and cost reductions in bunker procurement.

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