Monjasa in West Africa: 14 Years of Bunkering Excellence

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Monjasa 14 years in west africa

Monjasa, a leading player in the maritime industry, celebrates a remarkable 14-year journey in West Africa.

New images have emerged capturing the Monjasa Runner in action, refueling the VLCC Derius off the coast of Angola – a vessel just arrived from the West African region. The images depict a scene of calm and seamless operations, embodying Monjasa’s commitment to bunkering excellence.

It all began with the deployment of their first tanker, Energizer, back in 2009. Since then, Monjasa has navigated the challenges of this dynamic region, carving a path of excellence in maritime operations.

What attracts Monjasa to West Africa isn’t its simplicity, but the challenges. The logistical challenge of upholding service standards comparable to major maritime hubs such as Houston and Singapore for a diverse global clientele forms the foundation of Monjasa’s dedication. Through various situations, the knowledge gained has been crucial in shaping their expertise.

Presently, Monjasa is a driving force behind international trade in West Africa. With a fleet of 10 tankers covering 80 port areas from Abidjan to Walvis Bay, Monjasa deliver around 1 million tonnes of marine fuels annually. This steadfast dedication underscores Monjasa’s significance in the region’s maritime landscape.

Looking ahead, Monjasa embraces the challenge of integrating eco-friendly fuel solutions. As the industry shifts towards sustainability, Monjasa envisions a future where green fuel options are seamlessly available to the vessels navigating West African waters. Collaborating with partners, they’re committed to realizing this vision.

Monjasa’s 14-year journey in West Africa exemplifies their resilience, innovation, and dedication. As the maritime industry evolves, Monjasa remains a cornerstone, shaping a greener and more prosperous future for maritime operations in this vibrant region.

Monjasa is a global partner in the oil and shipping industries. Our core business includes reselling and physical supply of marine fuels and ship-owning activities on a global level. Monjasa was established in Denmark in 2002 and has developed into a global top 10 marine fuels supplier. Today, we employ 600+ Traders and other maritime specialists and total revenue reached USD 5.5bn in 2022 – equivalent to 6.4 million tonnes of marine fuels supplied. With office locations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East & Africa and Asia we are present in all major time zones and always within reach. We are servicing industry leading shipping companies locally and globally in more than 800 ports worldwide and our fleet of some 30 tankers and barges has helped us reach prominent positions in remote and hard-to-reach markets in West Africa, Panama, USA, Northwest Europe and in the Middle East.

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