TGE Marine Achieves Significant VLGC Gas Trial Milestone

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TGE Marine Gas Trial VLGC

TGE Marine has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the LPG gas trial on Wideshine’s VLGC Gas Neptune.

This marks a momentous achievement for TGE Marine, signifying the successful delivery of Wideshine’s VLGCs series, comprising Gas Neptune and Gas Jupiter.

Manufactured by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co. Ltd and certified by Bureau Veritas, TGE Marine provided fuel gas systems for the 93,000 cbm LPG carrier VLGCs, enabling the use of LPG in the main engines.

On July 28th in Yeosu, Korea, TGE Marine’s gas trial team collaborated seamlessly with Flemming Autmoationstechnik and Gas Neptune’s onboard crew. Together, they executed gassing-up with LPG, tank cooling, including commissioning the liquefaction system with three-stage compressors, and pump testing, encountering only minor challenges.

As the teams returned to Shanghai and Germany, the ship embarked on its maiden voyage through the Suez Canal.

We extend our congratulations to the onboard crew, project team, and all involved in Shanghai and Bonn for their invaluable contributions to the successful gas trial completion.

Source TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH