Metcore Ink Pact with SOHAR Port for MFM Implementation Support

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SOHAR Port and Freezone (SOHAR) in Oman has formalized an agreement with Metcore International Pte Ltd (Metcore) for the implementation and training support for MFM systems in the Port of Sohar. The collaboration is aimed at introducing the use of MFM systems for bunker fuel measurement to bunkering operators and stakeholders operating within the Port of Sohar.

SOHAR Port and Freezone announced a mandate in February 2024 on the alignment of ISO 22192 standards, ‘Bunkering of marine fuel using the Coriolis MFM system,’ for all marine fuel supply operations within the port. In response to this directive, SOHAR is actively collaborating with Metcore to deliver targeted MFM initiatives. The collaboration aims to introduce the use of MFM systems for bunker fuel measurement to bunkering operators and stakeholders operating within the Port of Sohar.

Metcore is dedicated to enhancing transparency and trust in the bunkering industry with core values of integrity, trust, innovation, perseverance, and excellence. As such, the company is fully aligned with the latest initiatives by SOHAR to introduce MFM bunkering operations to the region.

“We are very supportive of taking the right approach for MFM system implementation with harmonized best practices and in conformance with ISO 22192 standards,” said Darrick Pang, Managing Director of Metcore. “We are honored to bring our expertise to support SOHAR Port and Freezone in its upward trajectory as among the world’s fastest-growing ports with free zone developments.”

Commenting on this agreement, SOHAR Harbour Master Captain Batti Al Shibli said: “SOHAR Port and Freezone take a major step forward by implementing cutting-edge Mass Flow Metering Systems (MFM) with Metcore International Pte Ltd. Aligned with ISO 22192 standards, this partnership revolutionizes bunker operations, ensuring transparency and precision. Our agreement includes advanced MFM deployment, staff training, and conformity assessment programs, setting a new standard for excellence in bunkering management.”

On Metcore’s competence & capability

Metcore offers a comprehensive suite of conformity assessment services leading to the certification of MFM systems. Adhering to relevant standards such as OIML R117 and ISO 22192, the firm has been accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) as an ISO/IEC 17065 certification body for MFM systems in bunker applications.

Therefore, its certification team adopts an impartial evaluation approach to ensure compliance with applicable standards. This methodology has empowered Metcore to advocate and implement the Standard and Conformance framework directly for the international bunkering industry.

The company further collaborates closely with its established partners to offer ISO 22192 standard certification services for international clients who have installed MFM systems on their bunker supply vessels, ensuring a harmonized approach by adopting global best practices.

About SOHAR Port and Freezone

As one of the fastest-growing ports in the world, SOHAR Port and Freezone continue to leverage their strategic location and enhance their services, positioning themselves as a key logistics hub within the region and across the world, boasting container, liquids, dry, and break-bulk terminals. A powerful combination of the expertise of the Port of Rotterdam and ASYAD Group, it is earmarked as one of the Sultanate’s mega-projects, home to logistics, petrochemicals, and metal clusters, as well as the region’s first dedicated agri terminal.

Today, after 20 years of operation, the port serves as the main gateway for import and export in Oman, directly contributing 2.1% of the country’s GDP and almost 36,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities. With a focus on sustainable development and cutting-edge technology, it is leading the development and modernization of the Sultanate’s logistics infrastructure and supporting the economic diversification objectives of Oman’s 2040 Vision.

Source Metcore International Pte. Ltd.