Martin Leoe Embarks on New Role as Global Sales Head at BunkerEx

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Martin Leoe Global Head of Sales BunkerEx

In a significant move in the bunkering landscape, industry veteran Martin Leoe assumes the role of Global Head of Sales at BunkerEx, signaling a strategic shift towards digitalization and innovative fuel procurement solutions. marking a pivotal moment for the company’s commercial endeavors. With an illustrious background in energy trading and digitalization, Leoe brings a wealth of experience to his new position.

Having previously served as the Commercial Digital Owner at Bunker Holding A/S in Denmark, Leoe has been instrumental in driving digital initiatives within the organization, optimizing core processes, and exploring the digitalization of the shipping industry at large.

With over eight years of experience spanning various roles such as trader, senior trader, team leader, and sales manager with Glander International Bunkering in Dubai, UAE, Leoe’s expertise in key account management and digital innovation is poised to fuel BunkerEx’s growth trajectory.

Commenting on his new role, Martin Leoe expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to join BunkerEx as the Global Head of Sales. BunkerEx is at the forefront of transforming how the shipping industry procures fuel, and I am eager to leverage my experience to drive sales, marketing, and distribution strategies for our digital products.”

BunkerEx, a trailblazer in revolutionizing fuel procurement in the maritime sector, provides a comprehensive suite of fintech solutions tailored to the industry’s unique needs. From real-time spot prices to forward prices and customizable price reports, BunkerEx empowers stakeholders with accurate and reliable bunker data.

“Our mission at BunkerEx is to streamline the fuel procurement process for shipowners, operators, and industry stakeholders,” remarked Leoe. “By harnessing innovative technologies and data-driven insights, we aim to enhance efficiency and transparency across the maritime supply chain.”

Transparent Bunker Pricing Worldwide, at BunkerEx, we offer unparalleled transparency in bunker prices across the globe. Our rigorous methodology, refined over five years, integrates real stem data with supplier indications, credit ratings, volume, and delivery dates for each fuel transaction.”

With a focus on digitalization, innovation, and key account management, Martin Leoe is poised to drive BunkerEx’s commercial success and reinforce its position as a leader in maritime fuel procurement solutions.

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