HHI Gets Design Approval for Rotor Sail Tech

by Admin
hhi rotor sail model

South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. has gained a design approval for its self-developed rotor sail model Hi-Rotor from the Korean Register (KR), moving a step closer to the commercial development of the eco-friendly vessel rotor technology, the company said on Sunday.

Rotor sail technology is to save energy by harnessing the wind to provide auxiliary propulsion to vessels and reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Featuring the technology, vessels can reduce about 6-8 percent in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, which is why the technology is grabbing attention in the global shipbuilding industry.

Hyundai Heavy Industries won a basic approval to its Hi-Rotor in December 2020 from KR, Busan-based world’s leading technical supporter to the marine industry. With the latest design approval, the company will expedite its commercial development.

Source HHI