Gulf Bunkering acquires Zeeland Bunkering

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Gulf Bunker and Zeeland Bunkering joined

Gulf Bunkering, part of FinCo Fuel Group, announced that Zeeland Bunkering, seller and supplier of fuels, lubricants and gases in shipping, will become part of Gulf Bunkering. With this combination, Gulf Bunkering strengthens its position as a sustainable bunker supplier throughout the Netherlands.

With this acquisition, Gulf Bunkering, first active mainly in the Northern ports of the Netherlands, increases the capacity of its bunker fleet by more than 650 m3. With the addition of 4 bunker boats to the fleet, this acquisition enables the organization to supply the entire Dutch coastline. Moreover, Gulf Bunkering can now play an even greater role in the sustainability process within sea and inland shipping, a development that is in line with the sustainable ambitions of FinCo Fuel Group.

Zeeland Bunkering’s customers now have direct access not only to the various high-quality fuels and lubricants for seagoing and inland vessels, but also to a number of sustainable alternatives. The growing demand within the shipping industry for sustainable fuels has increased considerably in recent years. Because Gulf Bunkering is part of FinCo Fuel Group, Gulf has many more options to meet this increasing demand. In addition, Gulf Bunkering has increased its terminal capacity for the coming years. In this way, the organization can guarantee delivery security to its customers.

For Gulf Bunkering, the acquisition is a nice extension of the existing activities in a region where many of the organization’s customers are also active. 

Jeroen van Essen, General Manager Gulf Bunkering, explains: 

With the addition of Zeeland Bunkering’s business activities, our organisation has an almost national coverage, which is an advantage for many customers. Add to that the possibilities in the field of sustainability and then we have a nice total package of products for the entire coastline in the Netherlands.

Arjan van Garderen of Zeeland Bunkering is also satisfied with the entire process. “In recent years, a lot of work has been done on the position of Zeeland Bunkering in the southwest of the Netherlands. I am confident that Gulf Bunkering will strengthen this position in the coming years.

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