Green Marine Certification to Be Integrated into RightShip Platform

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Green Marine Certification Rightship

RightShip, a leading global ESG-focused digital maritime platform, and Green Marine, an environmental certification program for the North American and European maritime industries, are thrilled to announce a landmark partnership aimed at promoting sustainable practices within the maritime sector.

This collaboration will see the integration of Green Marine’s certification on the RightShip Platform, encouraging greater efforts towards sustainability from ship owners, charterers, finance institutions, and other stakeholders. Ship owners that have earned the Green Marine or the Green Marine Europe certification will have the Green Marine certified seal displayed next to their vessels’ profile on the RightShip Platform, showing their commitment to environmental stewardship.

To earn the Green Marine certification, users must undergo an annual assessment of their environmental performance, submit to an external verification, and agree to publish their individual results. This rigorous process is underpinned by a commitment to continual improvement, ensuring that certified ship owners are always striving to exceed environmental standards. Green Marine’s comprehensive environmental program enables users to adopt concrete actions that measurably reduce their environmental footprint.

David Bolduc, President of Green Marine, said “For more than 15 years, Green Marine has been guiding the maritime industry’s efforts to improve its environmental performance above and beyond regulatory compliance, at a time when the entire transportation sector must take decisive action to accelerate its energy transition and reduce its overall environmental footprint. This partnership, through the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program, aims to amplify the visibility of these initiatives to all users of RightShip’s vetting platform.”

Anthony Teo, Head of Americas, Vice-President RightShip, said “Like RightShip, Green Marine sees sustainability and zero harm as a cross-supply chain effort. Through this partnership, we will engage with ship owners and managers, ports and terminals, charterers, insurers, and other stakeholders to push for a better maritime industry. We’re excited to be part of this drive for change.”

The partnership between Green Marine and RightShip is part of RightShip’s Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program, a newly established effort to establish partnerships that can advance zero harm technologies and insights through the industry.

Green Marine is a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry.
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