Gasum’s Coralius Celebrates 800th LNG Bunkering Operation Milestone

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Gasum’s LNG Bunker Vessel Coralius Achieves 800th Bunkering Operation Milestone, Leading the Way in Clean Energy Transition for the Marine Industry

Gasum’s state-of-the-art LNG bunker vessel, Coralius, has reached a significant milestone this week with the successful completion of its 800th bunkering operation. This achievement underscores Coralius’s pivotal role in offering cleaner and more sustainable fueling solutions to the maritime industry. Recently, Coralius conducted a ship-to-ship bunkering operation in Skaw with the crude oil tanker RAN DF, operated by Equinor, reaffirming its reputation as a reliable and environmentally friendly energy supplier across a diverse range of vessel types.

Since its inaugural bunkering operation in 2017, Coralius has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, safely delivering thousands of metric tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a wide array of vessels. Its bunkering services cater to multiple maritime segments, including oil tankers, car carriers, cruise ships, expedition vessels, and ferries. By providing LNG as an alternative marine fuel, Coralius has significantly contributed to reducing sulphur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, as well as lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to traditional marine fuels.

LNG has emerged as a transformative force in the maritime industry, aligning with global efforts towards cleaner energy sources and sustainability. Coralius’s consistent and successful bunkering operations have played a crucial role in driving the adoption of LNG as a viable fuel option for ship owners and operators. The vessel’s capability to deliver LNG directly to ships ensures a seamless transition to this cleaner fuel, thereby promoting a greener future for the shipping industry.

As the demand for cleaner and more sustainable marine fuels continues to rise, Gasum’s LNG bunker vessel remains at the forefront of this energy transition. Coralius exemplifies Gasum’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the industry’s evolving environmental requirements. Through partnerships with Gasum, ship operators gain access to a reliable and efficient bunkering service that not only complies with stringent emissions regulations but also significantly reduces their vessels’ carbon footprint.

The achievement of Coralius’s 800th bunkering operation marks a significant milestone and serves as a testament to the vessel’s ongoing success in supporting the shipping industry’s sustainability objectives. Gasum continues to lead the way in advancing LNG as a marine fuel, demonstrating its steadfast dedication to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future for maritime transportation.

Gasum’s LNG bunker vessel, Coralius, remains a symbol of progress in the bunkering industry, showcasing the positive impact of sustainable energy solutions and paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

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Gasum specializes in Nordic energy solutions, providing cleaner energy and comprehensive energy market services for businesses, alongside sustainable fuel solutions for both road and maritime transport. Our mission is to assist customers in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting environmental responsibility across their operations and supply chains.

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