FuelTrust and NxtPort Collaborate to Drive Decarbonization

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FuelTrust and NxtPort Collaborate to Drive Decarbonization Through Data Transparency

FuelTrust is happy to announce a new collaboration with NxtPort International and their digital data-exchange platforms to enable ports around the world to be more efficient, more sustainable, and safer.

By connecting critical port logistics processes in an open, shared digital infrastructure, the NxtPort International platform provides a trusted, secure, data-sharing backbone that aims to deliver services, solutions, and expertise key to the port’s business ecosystem.

FuelTrust is pleased to be part of the NxtPort International marketplace’s mission by providing shipowners and suppliers the ability to have control over the quality, quantity, and compatibility of the bunker fuel they source, use and report.

NxtPort International customers can integrate their applications with FuelTrust’s in a faster, more cost-effective manner, and leverage a centralized identification and authorization mechanism for all participants.  Further, with FuelTrust’s advanced AI-based applications, fuel suppliers, delivery companies, and shipowners can create a complete bunkering “inquiry to delivery to settlement” lifecycle in one environment by leveraging FuelTrust’s SaaS products, and other providers of services inside the NxtPort International platform.

FuelTrust customers can benefit by leveraging other NxtPort International marketplace services, such as assigning Scope 3 emissions to cargo, and gaining carbon reduction credits for cargo shipowners and their customers.  “FuelTrust’s ability to leverage NxtPort’s International platform natively means greater visibility and access to a variety of other services leveraged through and by FuelTrust’s products”, said CEO Jonathan Arneault.

FuelTrust is a technology company that builds industry solutions through its Risk Provenance Platform. Based in Houston Texas, they have executives working across North America and Europe.

FuelTrust uses advanced AI and blockchain technology to help complex industries form trusted commercial ecosystems by establishing transparency and traceability as a standard using advanced AI and blockchain technology to track fuel transactions, profile fuel samples and benchmark in vessel performance.

Developing deep insight into when, where and how risk is introduced into the fuel, FuelTrust empowers companies to identify risks and act to mitigate them, reduce fraud and validate regulatory compliance across their fuel supply chain.

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