Efficient Fuel Management: Kongsberg Digital and Royston Partnership

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Kongsberg and Royston join forces

Kongsberg Digital and Royston have joined forces to introduce an integrated solution featuring an Electronic Fuel Management System, aimed at revolutionizing fuel consumption optimization and promoting decarbonization in vessel operations. By combining Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight with Royston’s enginei system, ship owners can now enhance transparency and efficiency in their operations.

The partnership will enable ship owners to optimise fuel consumption, enhance transparency, and promote decarbonisation of vessel operations by combining Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight with enginei – Royston’s Electronic Fuel Management System.

Royston, a seasoned player in marine engineering with over 40 years of experience, boasts a global presence and serves blue-chip clients across diverse sectors. Their enginei system, utilized by over 300 vessels worldwide, offers a modular and solution-oriented approach to fuel management. It provides real-time data and dynamic reports, accessible through a touchscreen display and online dashboard, empowering both onboard crew and onshore staff with valuable insights.

The integrated solution not only reduces fuel consumption but also improves carbon footprint and bottom-line performance, enabling clients to stay competitive, compliant, and cost-efficient. By leveraging Kongsberg Digital’s vessel-to-cloud infrastructure and Royston’s enginei system, customers can maximize their investment in fuel sensors and fulfill regulatory reporting requirements.

Kim Evanger, Director of Ecosystem P&A at Kongsberg Digital, emphasized the significance of this collaboration “This partnership between Kongsberg Digital and Royston represents a significant milestone in the maritime industry’s digital transformation journey. By harnessing the power of data and advanced technology together, we will help ship owners make more informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and contribute to lower carbon emissions in the maritime industry.”

Sarah Wade, CEO of Royston Limited, expressed excitement about the partnership, “By leveraging our respective strengths and capabilities, we are well-positioned to deliver unparalleled value to our clients, enabling them to remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market.”

“By working together, we are accelerating innovation, reducing carbon emissions, and equipping our clients to thrive in an increasingly digital environment. This collaboration is a prime example of our devotion to helping our clients succeed and our commitment to quality.”

Through this collaboration, Kongsberg Digital and Royston are not only accelerating innovation but also equipping clients with the tools to thrive in an increasingly digital environment. This partnership reflects their dedication to client success and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Source Kongsberg Digital