CIMC SOE Delivers New Build LNG Bunkering Vessel to CNOOC

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Nantong CIMC SinoPacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. (CIMC SOE), successfully delivered a 12,000m³ carrier and bunkering vessel named HAI YANG SHI YOU 302 to CNOOC Yangjiang Enterprise Ltd. (CNOOC), a subsidiary of CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Ltd., at the eastern dock of CIMC SOE.

HAI YANG SHI YOU 302 marks China’s first LNG carrier and bunkering vessel inspected and classified by the China Classification Society (CCS). It is also the country’s inaugural LNG carrier and bunkering vessel capable of servicing all river and sea regions year-round. With a total length of 132.9 meters, a beam of 22 meters, and a depth of 11.8 meters, the vessel has a cargo capacity of 12,000m³, sufficient to meet the gas demand of 480,000 households for a month.

During its construction, the vessel adopted an all-direction propeller with a pull-type paddle design for the first time. This innovation not only enhances its speed but also reduces power consumption, potentially cutting fuel consumption by up to one ton per day. The vessel boasts a maximum refueling speed of up to 2,000m³ per hour, enabling it to complete refueling tasks for large LNG vessels quickly, earning it the moniker of a “mobile gas station on water.” With performance advantages such as “direct river-to-sea transportation” and “ice-class navigation,” the vessel is poised to offer flexible refueling services for LNG vessels in China’s rivers and seas, thereby expediting the nation’s transition from oil to gas.

Currently, nine LNG bunkering vessels are under construction globally, with seven being built by CIMC SOE. The Company possesses completely independent LNG ship design and construction capabilities, having successfully delivered over 40 liquefied gas carriers and bunkering vessels. The successful delivery of “HAI YANG SHI YOU 302” further cements CIMC’s leading position in the global market segment of liquefied gas transportation and bunkering vessels.

About China National Offshore Oil Corporation

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), the largest offshore oil and gas producer in China, was established as a state-owned mega company with the approval of the State Council on February 15, 1982. Its registered capital is RMB 113.8 billion, with five listed companies. Its main business covers oil & gas exploration and development, professional technical services, refining product sales and fertilizers, natural gas production and power generation, and financial services, as well as new energy business like offshore wind power.