Chevron Charters its First Hybrid Electric Bunker Tanker

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Chevron 1st hybrid bunker tanker

Chevron has announced the chartering of its inaugural hybrid electric bunker tanker, marking a significant milestone in maritime sustainability. The tanker, which arrived at Singapore facilities last summer, is set to revolutionize bunkering operations in the region.

The hybrid vessel will serve maritime customers, offering them access to Chevron bunker fuels while significantly reducing environmental impact and operational costs. Expected to consume approximately 20% less fuel compared to conventional tankers, the hybrid technology employed by the barge promises to mitigate emissions and enhance cost-efficiency.

Nayab Karimi, trading manager for fuels in Asia Pacific, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “It’s also helping us take a step forward in our objective to deliver lower carbon and higher returns.”

Jennifer Chao, Chevron’s Asia Pacific commercial marine manager, highlighted the broader implications of this innovation, stating, “The barge also provides an opportunity to assess wider adoption of hybrid vessels. We’re looking for opportunities like this to understand new technologies, test capabilities, and collect data to determine if there is broader applicability for our global operations.”

Explaining the functionality of the hybrid vessel, Varun Kohli, Chevron’s term charterer in Asia Pacific, likened it to a hybrid electric car. The vessel integrates an electric power system alongside a fuel-based engine, utilizing electricity during peak consumption periods to minimize fuel usage. Unlike conventional fueling barges, which typically feature three auxiliary engines, the hybrid barge incorporates two auxiliary engines and an electric power distribution system. Kohli noted that while current technology doesn’t facilitate complete reliance on electricity, advancements may pave the way for fully battery-operated bunker tankers in the future.

chevron first hybrid bunker barge

The hybrid vessel holds the potential to leverage onshore charging facilities as part of Singapore’s electrification plans. By harnessing electricity for battery recharge, the need for traditional fuel consumption can be further reduced, contributing to efforts in decarbonizing the maritime sector.

Chevron has chartered the barge from V-Bunkers, the company responsible for owning and operating the pioneering vessel. This strategic collaboration underscores Chevron’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the maritime industry.

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