Can you bunker my vessel with LNG ? Expert video on bunkering LNG

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Today, nearly 200 vessels use LNG as their primary source of fuel and there are more than 200 LNG vessels on order. This number is expected to rise significantly, as bunkering LNG is recognized by the shipping industry as the most viable alternative fuel to reduce emissions.

Our maritime customers can be effectively provided by ship-to-ship bunkerings from our vessel Coralius. The solution lies in flexible, efficient and safe ship-to-ship (STS) bunkering of large volumes. STS bunkering is very flexible in terms of location, whether in port or at sea.

With our vessels we are able to transport LNG directly to our industry customers throughout the Nordics and we support our local terminals for LNG storing before further land transportation by trucks or as natural gas by local pipe grids.

We are a Nordic energy company and the number one expert in the gas sector and energy markets. Together with our partners, we promote development towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.

Our aim is clean mobility of people and goods on land and at sea. We offer cleaner and cost -effective energy and raw materials for industry and combined heat and power (CHP) production clean in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

We also help our customers to master the energy market and provide services and consultancy services throughout the market chain.

Leading player in the Nordic countries

We are the leading supplier of biogas and processer of biodegradable waste fractions in the Nordic countries. We promote the circular economy by processing waste and producing biogas and recycled nutrients in Finland and Sweden. We are developing the Nordic gas ecosystem purposefully and responsibly. We are building a gas filling station network that also serves heavy-duty vehicles in a sustained manner.

We import natural gas to Finland and we are the biggest distributor of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Nordic countries. We are strengthening the position and infrastructure of LNG and supply LNG for maritime transport, industry and heavy-duty road transport in Finland, Sweden and Norway in accordance with the EU strategy for LNG.

Our Group revenue for 2021 was €1,571.0 million.

Community of enthusiastic people

Our work would not be possible without our enthusiastic and hard-working employees. The Gasum Group has 356 employees in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Gasum is a fully state-owned company. Our shares are held at 73.5% by the state-owned Gasonia Oy and 26.5% directly by the State of Finland.

Corporate sustainability as a comprehensive approach 

For us responsibility means taking economic, social and environmental responsibility into account, that is closely connected to our strategy. 

The continuous improvement of our operations is supported by our certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), ISO 50001 (energy efficiency) and ISO 45001 ​ (occupational health and safety) management systems.

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