BlueBARGE Project: Aboard Demonstrator Vessel to Enter New Phase

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BlueBARGE Project onboard

In the latest strides of the BlueBARGE Project, a groundbreaking initiative set on reshaping maritime energy efficiency, a pivotal phase unfolds aboard the Demonstrator Vessel. This phase places a significant focus on scaling and prototyping the innovative BlueBARGE solution, poised to revolutionize the maritime landscape.

This comprehensive endeavor encompasses a spectrum of activities, ranging from integrating Power Supply systems to rigorous testing, modularity analysis, and contemplating retrofitting actions for existing vessels. The aim is clear: to not only innovate but to ensure practicality and compatibility with real-world maritime operations.

To navigate towards this ambitious objective, it becomes imperative to thoroughly assess the current state of art and technology on an operative vessel. This assessment lays the groundwork for solutions that are not only pioneering but also seamlessly adaptable to the demands of maritime operations. In pursuit of this, Alexandros Giannakis and Dimitrios Vlachos from HYDRUS, integral members of the consortium, have embarked on a crucial mission aboard the Demonstrator Vessel provided by Columbia Shipmanagement, stationed in Piraeus.

Their presence onboard facilitates firsthand observation and analysis of the intricacies involved in integrating the BlueBARGE solution into existing maritime infrastructure. It’s a vital step in understanding the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Moreover, this direct engagement fosters collaboration with the vessel’s crew and engineers, ensuring that the solution developed is not only technically robust but also aligns seamlessly with existing maritime workflows.

Through their dedicated efforts, Giannakis and Vlachos are not just advancing the BlueBARGE Project; they are actively contributing to the broader vision of sustainable maritime transportation. Their work underscores the significance of collaboration between industry experts and researchers in propelling innovation and tackling the evolving challenges of the maritime sector.

BlueBARGE Project Bunkering anchored
About BlueBARGE Project

The BlueBARGE Project, funded by the Horizon Europe program, brings together a consortium of 14 diverse partners with an estimated cost of around 11 million euros over 36 months, concluding in December 2026. This concerted effort aims to design, develop, and demonstrate an optimal power barge solution for supplying electrical power to moored and anchored vessels offshore.

The project tackles various challenges, including electrical integration, platform interfacing with ships, ports, and local networks, as well as operational safety and regulatory compliance. It explores alternatives such as containerized power supply modules, paving the way for a comprehensive “power bunkering” solution primed for commercialization by 2030.

Aligned with the EU’s emission reduction goals for 2030 and the International Maritime Organization’s strategies to slash sector emissions by 50% by 2050, BlueBARGE stands as a beacon in the maritime industry’s transition towards electrification and decarbonization, both at the EU and international levels.

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