ABS to Lead BlueBARGE Project for Offshore Electrical Bunkering

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BlueBARGE Project Athens Greece

ABS is set to spearhead the BlueBARGE Project, a groundbreaking initiative funded by the Horizon Europe program. Engaging 14 partners across 10 European nations, this endeavor aims to revolutionize offshore electrical power bunkering.

Taking the helm in this 36-month, €11 million-euro venture, ABS will provide pivotal support in safety, classification, and regulatory adherence for the consortium.

The primary objective of BlueBARGE is to mitigate local pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by pioneering a novel method for ships to access electrical power while docked, a concept known as cold ironing. Furthermore, the project will explore the feasibility of offshore electrical power supply to moored and anchored vessels, tackling intricate challenges such as electrical integration, platform interfacing, operational safety, and regulatory compliance.

Konstantinos Voutzoulidis, ABS Business Development Manager and Head of Europe for Contracted Research and Development, expressed ABS’s enthusiasm for spearheading electrification projects globally. He emphasized ABS’s commitment to leveraging its profound industry expertise to propel electrification and power connection technologies forward. Moreover, ABS is thrilled to collaborate with such a distinguished consortium to support the maritime sector in attaining electrification and decarbonization objectives set by the European Union and international standards.

Recognizing the imperative for alternative energy solutions, particularly electrification, ABS is dedicated to assisting the shipping industry in achieving net zero emissions by 2050. To learn more about ABS’s leadership in decarbonization and sustainability initiatives, visit their website.

BlueBARGE Consortium

In addition to ABS and Fundación Valenciaport, 12 other European entities participate in the BlueBARGE consortium: Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet; Hydrus Advanced Consolidated Engineering Services S.A; Aalborg Universitet; Elkon Elektrik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş; Regbes B.V.; Multimarine Services Ltd; Corvus Norway AS; Magellan Circle – European Affairs Consultancy, Lda.; Danaos Shipping Co. LTD; Enerox GmbH y Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd.

BlueBARGE Project Bunkering anchored
About ABS

Since its establishment in 1862, ABS has steadfastly pursued its mission to establish and uphold the highest safety and excellence standards as a premier global ship classification organization. With an illustrious history deeply rooted in maritime expertise, ABS continually strives to pioneer innovative solutions for the industries it serves, consistently positioning itself at the vanguard of marine and offshore innovation.

Operating in tandem with its partners, ABS tackles the most pressing technical, operational, and regulatory challenges within the industry. This collaborative approach ensures that the marine and offshore sectors can navigate their operations safely, securely, and responsibly amidst an ever-evolving landscape.

Comprising a diverse team of surveyors, engineers, researchers, and regulatory specialists, ABS operates across more than 200 offices spanning 70 countries worldwide. With a shared commitment to enhancing global safety standards and fostering innovation, ABS employees bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to their work, embodying the organization’s core values.

Motivated by a shared vision of fostering a safer world, ABS remains dedicated to delivering pragmatic, forward-thinking solutions that advance the marine and offshore industries. Through its unwavering dedication and collaborative ethos, ABS stands poised to guide these vital industries toward a safer, more sustainable future.

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