ABS Chairman and CEO: A Global Carbon Tax on Shipping is Coming

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ABS CEO on Global Carbon Tax

A universal, global carbon tax on shipping is imminent, with alternative blue fuels utilizing carbon capture emerging as a crucial element in the sea’s energy transition,” conveyed Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman and CEO, at the CERAWeek energy conference.

“We need to recognize that there is an intermediate step in the energy transition,” he said. “Last year, the conversations focused on transitioning from oil to a green fuel economy. Today, we see the emergence of the blue economy addressing carbon management, capture, pricing, and credits as a crucial stepping-stone. The EU has acknowledged this with Fuel EU Maritime, and I believe a universal carbon tax will emerge as the IMO and EU synchronize.”

“Effective regulation under a global framework is key for success in the sea’s energy transition,” he stated.

“Commercial gravity alone won’t reach Net Zero by 2050. We need ambitious measures, like Fuel EU Maritime and a carbon tax. A global industry requires a global approach; IMO regulations are fundamental. IMO offers an investable roadmap, shifting from tank to wake to well to wake, altering fuel choices’ lifecycle emissions. Though challenged by regional lawmakers, IMO is central.”

Shipping’s transition is just beginning; much is undecided in the decade ahead.

“The next 10 years will determine desirability vs doability,” said Wiernicki. “It’s too early to declare fuel winners. The technology timeline will be incremental, driven by safety, fuel availability, infrastructure scalability, electrolyzer, and carbon capture costs. These, along with electrification, battery energy storage, green hydrogen, and nuclear energy, hold transformational potential.”

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