Shift and STADT Form Partnership to Electrify Global Shipping

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Stadt and Shift Clean Energy

Shift Clean Energy (Shift) joins forces with a new Norwegian partner STADT, a leading vendor and system integrator of electric propulsion, to deliver sustainable propulsion and energy storage solutions to the marine industry.  

Shift is enabling the marine industry to transition to zero-emission with safe and efficient battery systems. Shift’s lithium-ion battery-based ESS are used for hybrid or fully electric propulsion systems for marine, offshore and inland waterway applications. Shift’s unique cooling system provides maximized benefits to customers looking to electrify propulsion systems in the marine sector. 

STADT Lean Propulsion® delivers efficient, reliant and noise-free propulsion systems designed for the lifetime of the vessel.  STADT propulsion technology can be interfaced with future and new power-sources of any kind. STADT has supplied electric propulsion and own drive technology to more than 150 vessels in their global operations. 

Brent Perry, CEO at Shift shares,

“Partnerships like these are essential for the decarbonization of the marine transport industry. We are proud to announce our new Norway-based partner STADT, as a leading vendor and system integrator of electric propulsion, this partnership will offer our customers reduced operations costs with a high focus on safety and security. It will also support the industry’s vital transition to zero-emissions.”  

Hallvard Slettevoll, CEO at STADT NAVAL AS shares,

“I am confident that Shift and STADT will continue to grow together to supply sustainable solutions to the industry while helping to meet requirements from commercial and naval shipowners. We are ecstatic to have formed this partnership with Shift, as pioneers in our own fields our complementary technologies will push forward the electrification of the shipping industry.”  

Shift is a leading supplier of clean energy solutions to the marine market and beyond and is responsible for some of the first electrified vessels in the market, including the first electric ferry in southern Europe in Aveiro, Portugal, and a pilot program to electrify harbor vessels at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.   

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