TFG Marine Concludes Historic First Bunkering Operation at Sohar Port

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TFG Marine First Bunkering Sohar Port

TFG Marine proudly announces the successful conclusion of its first delivery of marine fuel at the prestigious Port of Sohar in Oman with M/V Margherita Cosulich barge. This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward for TFG Marine’s bunkering operations in the Middle East, showcasing its commitment to excellence and innovation in the marine fuel supply industry.

This milestone not only highlights TFG Marine’s recent entry into the Middle Eastern bunker market but also underscores its dedication to forging strong partnerships with industry leaders. Executing its first bunkering operation for OQ Trading at the Port of Sohar marks another first significant milestone for TFG Marine, solidifying its position as a trusted provider of high-quality marine fuel solutions.

In a groundbreaking move, TFG Marine utilized an ISO 22192 certified mass flow meter during the delivery, ensuring unparalleled precision and compliance with industry standards. This innovative approach not only sets TFG Marine apart as a leader in the field but also demonstrates its firm commitment to delivering superior services to its customers.

TFG Marine extends its heartfelt appreciation to SOHAR Port and Freezone, OQ Trading, OOMCO Marine Fuels & Solutions, and the dedicated barge operators at Marine Energy | Fratelli Cosulich for their invaluable support and collaboration throughout this historic endeavor.

Speaking of strategic significance, ports like Duqm and Sohar emerge as vital nodes in the global trade network. The Port of Duqm, situated on Oman’s southeastern coast, boasts deep draft capabilities and extensive quay walls, positioning it as a pivotal commercial gateway. Backed by Oman’s stable political climate and business-friendly policies, Duqm is actively promoted by the government as an ideal destination for industrial and economic investments.

Similarly, SOHAR Port and Freezone, strategically nestled between Dubai and Muscat, has become a beacon of growth and development in the region. With investments exceeding $27 billion, SOHAR’s state-of-the-art facilities and deep-water jetties facilitate seamless trade between Europe and Asia, solidifying its status as a key hub in global commerce.

Last month, TFG Marine announced the deployment of its bunkering vessel in Oman, marking a significant development in the region’s bunkering operations. The Margherita Cosulich, equipped with advanced technology including a mass flow meter, underscores TFG Marine’s commitment to delivering top-notch services while adhering to industry standards.

This deployment follows a strategic partnership forged between TFG Marine and the Port of Sohar, as announced during the International Energy Week in London back in February 2024. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between SOHAR Port and Freezone and TFG Marine aims to bolster the port’s strategic positioning and streamline fueling services for vessels traversing major shipping routes in the region.

TFG Marine Sohar Port Bunkering

As TFG Marine continues to expand its presence in the Middle East, this milestone serves as a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence and its firm dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the maritime industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as TFG Marine continues to chart new waters and redefine the future of marine fuel supply.

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