Wärtsilä and EBDG Collaborate on Innovative CHAMP Barge

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Wartsila on CHAMP Barge Design Bunkering

Technology leader Wärtsilä and naval architecture and marine engineering firm Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) have joined forces to develop the Clean Harbor Alternative Mobile Power (CHAMP) Barge, a novel solution aimed at reducing GHG emissions from large vessels in ports across North America.

Combating Emissions with Methanol Power

The CHAMP Barge, designed by EBDG and featuring Wärtsilä’s methanol engine technology, offers a cost-effective approach to tackle the challenge of port emissions, especially in situations where conventional shore power is unavailable. This floating mobile power platform is specifically designed to comply with the diverse zero-emission plans and regulations established by various port authorities in the United States.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wärtsilä to bring this pioneering patent-pending solution to the market,” said Mike Complita, Principal in Charge at EBDG. “The CHAMP Barge project represents a significant step forward in addressing the crucial challenge of curbing port emissions, while simultaneously providing the adaptability of multi-megawatt power solutions.”

Sustainable Power Generation

Upon deployment, the CHAMP Barge will utilize the power generated by the Wärtsilä 32 Methanol engine, which significantly reduces emissions, aligning with the decarbonization goals of most ports. This engine is complemented by Wärtsilä’s comprehensive methanol fuel handling system, Wärtsilä MethanolPac, and its emission after-treatment system, Wärtsilä NOx Reducer.

This solution not only contributes to achieving sustainability goals but also alleviates pressure on existing port electrical infrastructure in the short and medium term.

“Wärtsilä possesses unparalleled expertise in methanol-fueled marine engines, and we are constantly developing future-fuel capabilities to expedite the decarbonization of maritime operations,” commented Joel Thigpen, General Manager, New Build, Wärtsilä Marine. “This collaboration with Elliott Bay Design Group exemplifies our shared commitment to providing practical and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.”

Key Features of the CHAMP Barge:

  • Power output ranging from 6 to 16 MW
  • Utilizes green methanol as fuel source
  • Enables cold ironing for docked or anchored vessels for up to two weeks
  • US Coast Guard inspected vessel, eliminating the need for shoreside permits or infrastructure
  • Compact size ensures easy repositioning to meet operational demands

This collaboration builds upon the successful history of joint projects between Wärtsilä and EBDG, where Wärtsilä’s expertise and power and propulsion products have proven instrumental in the development of specific vessel designs.

Wartsila on CHAMP Barge Design

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