Singapore and Australia on Green and Digital Shipping Corridor

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MPA Singapore and Australia on Digital and Green Shipping

Singapore and Australia have joined forces to establish the Singapore-Australia Green and Digital Shipping Corridor (GDSC) through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This initiative, endorsed by both nations Prime Ministers, aims to accelerate the development and adoption of clean and digital technologies for maritime shipping.

The MoU outlines a collaborative effort by Singapore and Australia to explore and develop zero or near-zero emission fuel supply chains for the maritime industry. This includes building necessary infrastructure, setting standards, and training the workforce for the transition.

The agreement also focuses on streamlining the digital exchange of information between ports, aiming to improve efficiency in port clearances, vessel movements, and the overall flow of goods between the two countries. This collaboration will involve the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Australian governing bodies, and industry stakeholders.

Singapore’s position as a leading bunkering and transshipment hub, combined with Australia’s potential as a green fuel producer, creates a strong foundation for this partnership to achieve significant progress. The GDSC is expected to catalyze the adoption of clean technologies and digital solutions, ultimately enhancing the sustainability and resilience of global maritime supply chains.

This initiative builds upon the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement signed in October 2022.

Singapore’s Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat stated: “The MoU strengthens Singapore and Australia’s commitment to developing innovative green and digital solutions for maritime shipping, while upskilling our workforce for a sustainable future.”

Australia’s Infrastructure Minister Catherine King stated: “This partnership is crucial for a sustainable global maritime industry. Australia is committed to supporting the decarbonization of international shipping, a vital sector for global economies. This collaboration positions Singapore and Australia at the forefront of advancements, while promoting Australia’s clean energy exports.”

Furthermore, the MoU complements the Australia-Singapore Initiative on Low Emissions Technologies for Maritime and Port Operations (ASLET), a research and development program established in 2021. Supported by both countries’ scientific research agencies, ASLET aligns with the GDSC’s goals and will contribute to its success.

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