TOYOFUJI Shipping’s First LNG Car Carrier Naming Celebration

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ToyoFuji shipping First LNG PCTC

TOYOFUJI Shipping proudly christened and launched its inaugural LNG-fueled car carrier, the TRANS HARMONY GREEN. The auspicious ceremony unfolded at the esteemed Enoura Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Shimoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. This monumental vessel stands as a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship, embodying TOYOFUJI Shipping’s firm commitment to green shipping.

Built at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, TRANS HARMONY GREEN represents a significant stride towards realizing TOYOFUJI Shipping’s ambitious environmental vision encapsulated in the “TOYOFUJI Environmental Challenge 2050.” This visionary blueprint propels the company towards embracing alternative fuels, with LNG emerging as a frontrunner in their sustainable voyage. Slated to embark on its maiden voyage in February 2025, this vessel heralds a historic milestone as the premier LNG-fueled car carrier plying the Japan to Southeast Asia route.

In heralding this monumental shift towards eco-conscious maritime operations, TRANS HARMONY GREEN is poised to deliver substantial environmental dividends. When juxtaposed against its conventional heavy oil-fueled counterparts of comparable stature, the vessel promises a remarkable 35% reduction in CO2 emissions and an awe-inspiring 99% decrease in sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions during combustion. These figures, as attested by the shipyard entrusted with its construction, underscore the tangible impact of embracing LNG propulsion technology.

True to its ethos of harmonizing with nature and nurturing a symbiotic relationship with the planet, TRANS HARMONY GREEN epitomizes a fusion of cutting-edge innovation and timeless maritime tradition. Imbued with an unwavering commitment to safety, the vessel sets sail as TOYOFUJI Shipping’s vanguard of environmental stewardship in Asia. Its noble mission extends beyond mere transportation, encompassing the carriage of vehicles for Toyota Motor Corporation and a myriad of esteemed clients.

As the global community rallies behind the imperative of mitigating climate change, TOYOFUJI Shipping charts an unwavering course towards sustainability. With an audacious target of achieving “practically zero CO2 emissions from ships” by 2050, the company remains resolute in its quest to minimize its environmental footprint and foster the sustainable evolution of society and the planet at large.

ToyoFuji Shipping LNG PCTC
Key Specifications of TRANS HARMONY GREEN
  • Length: 195.0 meters
  • Width: 30.6 meters
  • Gross Tonnage: 49,500 tons
  • Vehicle Capacity: 3,000 units (Toyota Crown equivalent)
  • Speed: 19.5 knots

Amidst the tranquil waters of Saijo, Japan, TRANS HARMONY GREEN emerges as a harbinger of hope, heralding a future where sustainability and maritime commerce seamlessly converge on the horizon.

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