Synergy Asia Bunkering Expands with New Office in Cambodia

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Synergy Asia Bunkering New Office Cambodia

Synergy Asia Bunkering (SAB), a prominent bunker trading company, is extending its premium bunker services in Southeast Asia to Cambodia with new representative office, reinforcing its position as a major player in the region.

The expansion of regional operations involves the establishment of a Representative office at Port Autonome de Sihanoukville (PAS) in Cambodia. This move underscores SAB’s dedication to meeting the increasing demand for premium bunker services in the region.

The expanded services at the Representative office in Sihanoukville will cover bunkers, freshwater supply, deslopping, provisions, agency services, and lubricants. This strategic initiative aims to address the diverse needs of vessels operating in and around the Port Autonome de Sihanoukville, enhancing the overall efficiency of maritime operations.

Beyond bunker trading, Synergy Asia Bunkering is committed to maintaining quality standards by offering a comprehensive suite of value-added services. These include agency services, hedging, lab testing, and brokering, reflecting a holistic approach to vessel management.

Established in March 2018, Synergy Asia Bunkering Pte Ltd has rapidly gained prominence in the bunker trading sector. With its headquarters in Singapore and a robust presence in Viet Nam, Dubai, Thailand, and now Cambodia, the company specializes in offering a comprehensive range of marine fuels, including Marine Fuel Oil (LSFO), Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO), and Lube Oil (LO). Additionally, SAB provides an array of value-added vessel services.

SAB’s overarching vision is to be recognized as the Southeast Asia Bunker Specialist, instilling confidence in the supply of high-quality bunkers to the ports of Vietnam. The company strategically positions itself as a pivotal player in local bunker supply networks, highlighting its commitment to delivering top-tier services.

As SAB continues to evolve and expand its presence in Southeast Asia, the company remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards in providing premium bunker services. This commitment contributes to the efficiency and reliability of the maritime industry in the region.

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