Swede Chem Tankers Wraps Up B30 Biofuel Bunkering with ScanOcean

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Swede Chem Tankers b30 Bunkering

In a decisive move towards environmental stewardship, Swede Chem Tankers AB announced the recent bunkering of their vessel, M/T Nike, with DMA-B30 bunker fuel, boasting a renewable content of HVO. This eco-conscious choice not only aligns with stringent sustainability standards but also marks a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions in maritime transportation.

The DMA-B30 fuel, procured from Sweden-based marine fuel supplier and trader, ScanOcean, offers a notable well-to-wake CO2 reduction of 25%. This substantial decrease in carbon footprint is a testament to the effectiveness of eco-friendly propulsion options in the shipping industry. Importantly, the bunkering of M/T Nike underscores Swede Chem Tankers commitment to providing customers with environmentally responsible transportation solutions.

Compliant with the ISCC-EU standard and the forthcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation, the DMA-B30 fuel meets rigorous sustainability criteria. This certification assures responsible sourcing and traceability of biofuels, aligning with global efforts to promote sustainable practices in the maritime sector.

The introduction of B30-DMA is not merely a response to regulatory requirements but also a proactive measure to enhance maritime sustainability. Engineered to meet the stringent environmental standards set by the EU Emissions Trading System and the FuelEU Maritime initiative, B30-DMA significantly improves both the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and the Clean Shipping Index (CSI) ratings. This innovative blend represents a pivotal component in advancing the industry’s transition towards greener propulsion alternatives.

By embracing eco-friendly propulsion options and partnering with reputable suppliers like ScanOcean, Swede Chem Tankers reaffirms its dedication to environmental sustainability while offering customers efficient and sustainable transportation solutions in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region.

About ScanOcean

Established in 2013, ScanOcean has emerged as a trusted physical bunker supplier, facilitating the seamless delivery of marine fuels across Sweden. With an extensive logistics network and strategic partnerships, ScanOcean ensures efficient fuel distribution to ports nationwide. Moreover, the company’s commitment to responsible trading practices is underscored by its ISCC-EU certification, guaranteeing the sustainable sourcing of biofuels.

About Swede Chem Tankers

Swede Chem Tankers, located in Stockholm, Sweden, as it is known today, was created as a spin-off from Ivar Lundh & CO in 2012 and has since then established itself as a reliable and well-recognized shipping company focusing on the transport of specialized oil products such as fuel oil, coal tar, tall oil, and waste oil among many other products. The fleet consists of a mix of time-chartered vessels and vessels under commercial management ranging from 4- to 8,000 deadweight and with high ice-class. The general trading area is focused on Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, but our cargoes have sometimes taken us as far as, for example, the USA and Brazil.

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