Standard conducts First-ever Biofuel Bunkering Operation

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Standard Fuel Oil debut of Biofuel Bunkering operation

In a significant stride towards sustainability, Standard Fuel Oils UK (Standard) has achieved a major milestone by providing the first-ever renewable blend bunkers to the hybrid water injection dredger ‘MAAS’ in Liverpool. The bunkers were supplied on behalf of their esteemed and long-standing customer Van Oord.

The renewable bunker supply perfectly complements the vessel’s existing use of AdBlue, ensuring compliance with IMO TIER III standards. Collaborating closely with Van Oord, Standard has been actively working towards an interim solution to help achieve net zero emissions for their valued client, Peel Ports.

Van Oord’s vital dredging work in the channel is pivotal, as it enables Peel Ports Liverpool 2 terminal to accommodate post-Panamax vessels, supporting efficient port operations.

Marine Bourgeois, Project Manager at Van Oord, shared his enthusiasm, stating,

“The delivery of this renewable fuel blend marks another crucial step in our fleet’s decarbonization journey. Beyond reducing our carbon footprint, this fuel significantly contributes to curbing local emissions. This accomplishment is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders across the value chain.”

Paul Musgrave, Commercial Director at Standard Fuel Oils, expressed his delight, saying,

“While we’ve been supplying HVO to the motor transport industry for several years, our entry into the marine market with this significant delivery is a momentous occasion. Providing Van Oord with HVO for their vessel via our HVO-fueled trucks highlights the unwavering commitment of all parties involved towards decarbonization.”

This innovative collaboration between Standard and Van Oord represents a pivotal moment in the maritime industry’s push for greener practices. With HVO Biofuel playing a central role in reducing emissions, it is a testament to the dedication of all stakeholders in their shared pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Source Standard Fuel Oils