SRC Group and GREEN MARINE Collaborate on Methanol Superstorage

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SRC Group GREEN Marine Methanol

SRC Group and GREEN MARINE have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at advancing the Methanol Superstorage solution for marine applications. This partnership brings together two leading proponents of methanol as a marine fuel, leveraging their expertise to enhance shipping efficiency and sustainability.

SRC’s Methanol Superstorage solution has garnered significant attention across the industry, appealing to ship owners, shipbuilders, repairers, class societies, and insurers alike. By employing the SPS Technology Sandwich Plate System instead of traditional cofferdams, Methanol Superstorage increases shipboard tank volumes by 85% and effectively addresses the lower energy density of methanol compared to conventional HFO.

GREEN MARINE, an independent advisory and project management firm, boasts an unparalleled track record in delivering methanol transition solutions across all ship segments. With extensive experience dating back to the inception of methanol as a marine fuel, GREEN MARINE’s services encompass ship design, yard selection, construction supervision, technical management, operations, training, procurement, sales, and bunkering. The firm is actively engaged in the majority of methanol-related ship projects worldwide.

Hannes Lilp, CEO of SRC Group, highlighted the strategic focus of the collaboration “Building on the initial success of Methanol Superstorage, SRC and GREEN MARINE will collaborate closely to provide comprehensive technical coverage for methanol integration. With GREEN MARINE’s deep expertise in methanol projects and SRC’s proven track record in methanol storage and ship refits, spanning over 23 years, we are well-positioned to deploy Methanol Superstorage for both retrofit and new build vessels, establishing a robust sales framework for global adoption.”

GREEN MARINE continues to drive the development of the methanol supply chain in the marine market, recently securing agreements for anticipated supplies of green methanol from Chinese partners. The firm also appointed Chris Chatterton, former Chief Commercial Officer of the Methanol Institute, as Managing Director & Partner, effective July 1, 2024.

Chris Chatterton expressed optimism about the market reception of Methanol Superstorage: “The industry’s response to Methanol Superstorage has been outstanding, and we are eager to collaborate with SRC to unlock its potential in advancing methanol as a mainstream marine fuel. Investors can be assured that GREEN MARINE’s unparalleled technical expertise and global support will complement SRC’s efforts during the demonstration phase of Methanol Superstorage.”

Already garnering Approval in Principle from a leading IACS society, Methanol Superstorage is poised to meet stringent ship regulatory requirements. Lilp added, “In tandem with class approvals, SRC and GREEN MARINE will oversee third-party technical development to further enhance the solution’s readiness.”

The collaboration between SRC Group and GREEN MARINE marks a significant stride towards integrating methanol into the marine fuel landscape, paving the way for sustainable and efficient shipping solutions.

About SRC Group

At SRC Group, we specialize in design, engineering, technical, and interior refits across the maritime, offshore, cruise, and ferry industries. With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to surpassing customer expectations by executing complex projects with exceptional quality worldwide.

In our two decades of operation, we have successfully completed more than 5000 projects ranging from minor repairs to comprehensive turnkey retrofits. Headquartered in Estonia, we maintain regional offices in strategic locations including the USA, Italy, the Netherlands (Port of Rotterdam), Norway, and Poland. Our core strengths lie in ship repair and refit project management, encompassing design and engineering, technical and electrical refits, as well as interior renovations. Moreover, we excel in complete EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation) projects.

Looking ahead, SRC Group is dedicated to sustainability, actively contributing to reducing greenhouse emissions in the offshore and maritime sectors, while also preparing for the future of autonomous shipping.


Headquartered in Denmark, the GREEN MARINE GROUP boasts a global presence with offices strategically located in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Geneva, Manila, Singapore, and soon Shanghai. Our comprehensive value proposition spans the entirety of the methanol marine fuel value chain. From design to construction supervision, technical management, and operations, to specialized methanol dual fuel crew training, direct investment in methanol-related assets, and procurement and bunkering services, Green Marine offers a holistic approach to navigating the evolving landscape of sustainable marine energy solutions.

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