Shift Clean Partners with Red Offshore as ESS Provider

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Shift Clean Energy ESS in South Asia

Shift Clean Energy partners with Red Offshore as ESS provider in South Asia, this new partnership is set to electrify the shipping industry in Singapore and Malaysia – an important step towards decarbonizing the maritime sector as a whole

Shift Clean Energy (Shift) announces today that they have entered into a partnership with Red Offshore Industries — a leader in integrated shipping systems.

Brent Perry, CEO and founder of Shift Clean Energy, commented:

“Partnering with Red Offshore is a huge feat and a major step towards scaling up our decarbonization impact. We are proud to be Red Offshore’s ESS provider for Singapore and Malaysia. We believe that together we can offer the safest and most robust solutions for the maritime industry, while powerfully driving this complex industry towards net zero.”

Kervin Goh, the Regional Sales Manager of Red Offshore, commented:

“We are pleased to work alongside Shift to offer the shipping industry the safest technology. It is partnerships like these with leading-edge organizations that are going to show the maritime industry that we don’t have to sacrifice reliability or safety to cut carbon emissions.”

Shift has continued to innovate and lead with safety within the marine industry. In September, the company revealed its proprietary ESS technology will be used in 17 new hybrid and electric tugboats to effectively reduce emissions and harmful NOx gas, whilst continuing to support efficient operations. The same month it was also announced that Shift’s PwrSwäp technology will be used to power the first all-electric battery swapping vessel, the Hydromover in the Port of Singapore, one of maritime’s leading ports – a significant step forward for battery technology and alternative energy solutions.
This new partnership with Red Offshore marks an important milestone for Shift as their presence as industry leader continues to grow within the clean energy sector. Shift is rapidly growing with headquarters in the US, UK, and the Netherlands and Shift is currently in the process of building a headquarters in Singapore.

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