Redexis Renovables Inks First Biomethane Deal with Pavilion Energy

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Redexis Renovables Pavilion Energy Biomethane

Redexis Renovables, a Redexis group company focused on the production of renewable gases, especially biomethane and green hydrogen, has closed its first contract with Pavilion Energy to sell biomethane. This marks the company’s first contract for selling renewable gas from one of its production plants.

The sale of this biomethane, which will be produced at the BioRed Lorca plant in the Region of Murcia, will be accompanied by its sustainability certificates and corresponding guarantees of origin to prove the renewable origin of the gas and its associated reduced emissions.

Pavilion Energy is one of the world’s leading natural gas and LNG companies, with a strong presence in major European and Asian markets. In recent years, it has grown to become one of the reference marketers in the marketing and supply of guarantees of origin for biomethane and renewable gases, both in Spain and in other European countries that have opted for the development of this vector in the energy transition. In addition to other licenses, Pavilion Energy holds the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) to market and supply biomethane in Europe.

The production and subsequent sale of this biomethane give consumers access to 100% renewable gas generated from the management of agricultural, livestock, and agro-industrial waste. This process of converting waste into resources not only contributes to the circular economy and the energy transition but also creates wealth in the territory. The resources used in the BioRed Lorca plant have been admitted and are included in the waste list by the European Union.

Miguel Mayrata, Director of Redexis Renovables, commented: “The signing of our first biomethane sales contract marks a very important step in advancing our strategy and our continuous efforts to promote the use of this renewable gas. In doing so, we are making it more accessible to users, as well as ensuring optimal management of the entire energy value chain.”

José Simón, Managing Director of Pavilion Energy in Europe, states: “At Pavilion Energy, we support the development of biomethane in the Spanish market as an essential element of our energy mix. At the same time, we see our efforts accelerating Spain’s progress on this front to keep pace with other European nations. To this end, we are pleased to be partnering with leading biomethane developer Redexis Renovables on this journey.”

As previously announced, Redexis Renovables expects to have more than 30 biomethane plants by 2030, which will involve an investment of more than 400 million euros. Their combined production will allow 2 TWh of biomethane per year to be injected into the gas network, saving more than 260,000 annual tons of CO2 equivalent.

Pavilion Energy currently has a contract volume of 200 GWh/year under its biomethane portfolio and aims to reach 1 TWh to become the leading reference marketer for biomethane in the Spanish market.

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