Québec Port partners with 2 Degrés Clean Technology Incubator

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2-degres and port of quebec partnership

The Port of Québec is pleased to announce today a partnership with 2 Degrés, a business incubator specializing in clean technologies. This two-year partnership fits within the Port of Québec’s Vision 2035, unveiled earlier this year, which puts innovation at the forefront. With 2 Degrés expertise in propelling Québec start-ups dedicated to clean technology initiatives, the Port of Québec sets its sights on innovative solutions in several sectors, including the fight against climate change, the development of clean energy, decarbonization, and city-port cohabitation.

Over the next two years, 2 Degrés will accompany start-ups able to address the Port’s challenges in the sectors of water, energy, and residual materials. The Port will be an attractive playground for these fledgling entrepreneurships. They will not only have access to the Port’s infrastructures, but also to the port community’s resident experts in developing technologies.

“Last February, we unveiled our Vision 2035 in which innovation was stated as one of the four pillars of our organization’s ambition to become an avant-garde port of international standing. Offering our port facilities as a developmental laboratory, raising the profile of our technological companies, and making them known around the world is a prime initiative. This partnership will develop solutions that can apply to other local and international ports that share our concerns. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to galvanize our Québec businesses and generate economic benefits for Québec in the clean tech sector,” explained Port of Québec CEO Mario Girard.

“We are proud of this new partnership that aligns with our mission! Together, we will contribute to the emergence of new clean technology companies and address the Port’s challenges through innovative solutions. We will create sustainable wealth, and we will unleash Québec’s tremendous potential, here and internationally. The Port of Québec’s involvement is highly significant for us, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the clean tech sector, and our partners. This commitment is proof of our determination to do things a new way, to aim further, and to perceive the issues we face collectively as a great opportunity to dare, innovate, collaborate, and shape what tomorrow’s economy has the potential to achieve,” said 2 Degrés founder and General Manager Alexandre Guindon.

Two companies identified by the Port of Québec

Six companies answering 2 Degrés’ call for projects last March are joining their incubation program today.

As part of this partnership and in line with identified targets, the Port of Québec has initiated talks with two companies accompanying the incubator to explore collaborative possibilities. Other collaborations under development will be announced soon.

Sunbird Energy

Sunbird Energy’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonization of Canadian buildings by integrating them with renewable energy production systems. Sunbird Energy founder and president Simon Lafleur joined 2 Degrés incubation program in November 2022. 


Energie-Stat builds geothermal analysis technology leading to major cost and GHG savings while maximizing the energy efficiency of industries, businesses, and institutions across North America and the world. Energie-Stat founder and president Patrice Kwemo joined 2 Degrés incubation program in November 2022.

About Port of Québec

The Port of Québec is among Canada’s five largest ports in terms of tonnage handled and economic spinoffs. It is strategically located to serve North America’s industrial and agricultural heartland. Each year, cargo ships from or to some fifty countries call at the Port of Québec to connect the Great Lakes and Midwestern U.S. markets to the rest of the world. Twenty percent of the port’s territory, which extends from Beauport to the South Shore, is dedicated to recreational activities and tourism.

About 2 Degrés

2 Degrés is a business incubator specializing in clean technologies. To fight climate change while creating sustainable wealth, this NPO has taken on the mission of accompanying and propelling young companies with potential to have an impact, to innovate, and to grow in the sectors of water, energy and residual materials. Since its inception in 2021, 2 Degrés has contributed to the emergence of over 20 companies and has the objective of accompanying no fewer than 50 by the end of 2024.

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