NAOS Ship Receives RINA AiP for Innovative Wing Sail Module®

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RINA AiP for NAOS Ship Wing Sail

NAOS Ship and Boat Design’s innovative Wing Sail Module® has received an Approval in Principle (AiP) from RINA, a prominent classification society, marking a significant step forward in green shipping technology. This system, designed to harness wind energy, promises substantial reductions in emissions and fuel consumption while ensuring compliance with international regulations.

The Wing Sail Module® developed by NAOS is a sophisticated yet versatile solution, featuring a smart rigid wing with folding capability. Its modular design enables adaptation across various vessel types, offering a cost-effective means of enhancing propulsion through wind energy. By seamlessly integrating with existing ship structures, the system presents a practical and efficient path towards sustainable shipping practices.

NAOS Ship and Boat Design, a renowned player in the maritime industry, brings over 30 years of expertise to the table. Specializing in ship design, the company has established itself as a leader in developing innovative and sustainable solutions. With a diverse portfolio of over 80 ship designs, including ro-ro, ro-pax, luxury, and mega yachts, NAOS is committed to driving the industry towards a greener future.

RINA AiP for NAOS Ship Wing Sail Module

Headquartered in Trieste, Italy, NAOS Ship and Boat Design has expanded its footprint across Europe, with offices in Spain, Sweden, and Croatia. The company’s multidisciplinary team of 40 professionals, comprising naval architects, marine engineers, and consultants, is dedicated to delivering comprehensive consultancy services. From initial design to retrofit and conversion projects, NAOS offers a range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of its partners and customers.

Embracing a culture of innovation, NAOS continues to push the boundaries of conventional ship design. The development of the Wing Sail Module® underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and technological advancement. Successfully tested and validated on a commercial vessel, this wind-assisted propulsion system represents a significant milestone in NAOS’s quest to revolutionize the maritime industry.

As the global shipping sector seeks to address environmental challenges, solutions like the Wing Sail Module® offer a glimpse into a more sustainable future. With NAOS Ship and Boat Design leading the charge, the transition towards green shipping practices appears both feasible and promising.

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