MSC Euribia’s Historic First LNG Bunker at Cadiz by Peninsula

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MSC Euribia First LNG Bunker Cadiz Peninsula

In a historic moment, the world’s first net zero cruise ship MSC Euribia has received its first LNG Bunker during its inaugural visit to Cadiz, a city and port in southwestern Spain, located on the Atlantic coast. an important hub for both commercial and cruise ship traffic.

This significant milestone was celebrated in maritime tradition as Captain Pietro Sinisi and Teófila Martínez, President of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cadiz, exchanged plaques on board.

Peninsula, a leading energy provider, supplied LNG bunker to MSC Euribia in Cadiz, propelling the cruise ship on its 13-night voyage to Hamburg, Germany, making stops in the Canary Islands, Morocco, Madeira, Portugal, and the UK.

MSC Euribia commenced operations in June 2023, following the launch of MSC World Europa in December 2022, showcasing MSC Cruises’ commitment to environmentally conscious cruising.

Noteworthy Features of MSC Euribia, the Second LNG-Powered Ship in MSC Cruises Fleet

  • Virtually eliminates sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulates
  • Reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) by an impressive 85%
  • Eliminates the need for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (scrubbers) due to the absence of SOx
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20%
  • Features a specially coated hull below the waterline to reduce organism growth, minimizing drag, and maintaining optimal efficiency through the water.

Source MSC Cruises